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I overheard earlier this week that the Magic have been playing Oladipo at Point Guard. Is that good for him? He just had a game with 8 turnovers. I am not entirely sure the Magic are playing him at point, but what are your thoughts on that? I know he isn't the tallest SG around, but he has insane athleticism and very good length. Should the Magic play him as Point or 2-guard? Crawford did well as a pseudo-point, maybe Oladipo can too. Remember - I am not entirely sure that Oladipo IS playing point, i'm just going on what a Clippers announcer said when the Clips played the Magic.

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they are trying him at the

they are trying him at the point and i liked the idea. he's jus having his troubles since this is the 1st time he has to handle the ball and set up his whole team.

the turnovers were gonna come and were expected from both sides. he's been decent and is coming along.

he doesnt look like their PG of their future though. he'll move back to a full time 2 when they get a PG thru the draft.

they tried to see if he can be the next Russell Westbrook,an ultra athlete who played the 2 in college. even though its still early and he;s been okay,he jus doesnt look like he can be Westbrook 2.0 at the point and is going to be better off playing off the ball for the rest of his career.

now Magics hope he can turn into Wade 2.0

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