OKC vs Spurs in playoffs

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OKC vs Spurs in playoffs

Many people think the Spurs will beat the Thunder in the Western conference finals this season and get to the Finals again vs the Heat. Just as many people think OKC will get to the Finals. As much as I love Popovich and what he does with that team (he will sit two out of the SA big three and will win that game) I just don't see it happening this year. Thunder are 4-0 against them, and even though in the last game it was clear that Popovich wasn't really trying to win, the Thunder looked like the better team, locking down the Spurs defensively and giving them fits with their athleticism. I think this will be the case in the playoffs. But I could also see OKC losing to the Clippers in a seven game series as the Clippers are just as athletic as OKC, probably more so, and have a legitimate MVP candidate as well in Blake Griffin. Thoughts?

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