OKC title chances

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OKC title chances

The Thunder are right on top with the top teams in the league but is this team really working? They have a Bad record against the top teams in the league and what I love about the Nuggets, I really hate about the Thunder - they don't share the ball and don't express joy.

This article pretty much nails it for me:

What do you think?

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The title chances that are

The title chances that are given to OKC are overrated and I am an OKC fan, but I can't agree with you when you say "Don't share the ball and don't express joy".

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The problem with OKC is the

The problem with OKC is the same one thats haunted them for 3 straight years - lacking a consistent 3rd option

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The Thunder have had a steady

The Thunder have had a steady play off progression since 2010 - 1st round, Conference Finalist, NBA Finalist. This year I would see them or the Spurs as the likeliest Western Conference Champions but overall I still see the Heat having the edge in a possible NBA Final.

Denver vs Thunder if they do meet in the Conference Semis will be a very interesting match up between a collective scoring team with no real heavy scorers and a team with two elite scorers but not a lot of support scoring outside Kevin Martin. Coach Karl will no doubt run an uptempo offence and look to share his scoring around and have his defence try to shut down Westbrook and Durant and if he can keep one quiet then his team will have a chance although personally I think the Thunder may just edge it.

If they meet the Spurs in the Conference Finals, I feel it could be here that the lack of support scoring could maybe just cost them, Coach Poppovich has a deeper bench and will shuffle his pack no doubt trying to nulify KD and Westbrook and the Thunder frontcourt will need to be on their game against Tim Duncan. The Thunder however are a proven play off team and a lot could depend which team can dispose of their previous opposition quicker and rest up as that could just be the edge in a 7 game series although logic may say home advantage will also be huge if the Spurs get it.

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They need a scorer down low.

They need a scorer down low. They have never had a capable big man in the post who can get buckets when outside shots aren't falling from their big guns.

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They are too one dimensional.

They are too one dimensional. Too much isolation, too many perimeter shots, and their bench is pretty mediocre. They let Kev Mart go, and amnesty Perkins, and all of the sudden maybe they could add a decent scoring piece. Still think they should look at MCW with that Raptor pick...more passive than Westbrook, and if you bring him off the bench and finish with both of those 2 playing, that's a hard matchup for a lot of other teams.

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The West is a toss-up. The

The West is a toss-up. The Thunder should be the favorite, but a SLIGHT favorite. They will miss Harden.
Even a team like Memphis should match up well with the Thunder. Conley, Tony Allen, and Tayshuan Prince are three
guys you can throw at Westbrook and Durant.

I want to see what the matchup a look like first, but I am looking for Miami to repeat as champs.

A Heat- Thunder rematch could turn into a replay of the 1992 Finals with LeBron playing the role of Jordan (an unstoppable machine
this year) and Durant being the new Clyde Drexler (the talent and ability without the killer instinct).

I also worry about the Thunder in the first round. If their series against the Rockets or Lakers to seven games then they might not have enough
left in the tank. A Rockets match up could be a trap for OKC.

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^Did you say Kevin Durant has

^Did you say Kevin Durant has no killer instinct?

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I kinda agree tho

kD is a great player and all but he's not demanding that ball away from Russ like a true superstar would. It seems as if that whole organization walks on eggshells around russ

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We've seen what happens when

We've seen what happens when Russ is criticized... He loses his head, snaps on teammates/assistant coaches, etc.

They're definitely walking on egg shells around Russ because he's one of those players you'd rather him play the way he does and accept his mistakes than have him possibly shut down and stop being aggressive.

But no... The Thunder aren't going to win the championship. They may get out of the West, but they'll never beat the Heat. Their style of play plays right into the Heat's hands.

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