OKC fan: I'm still all for the James Harden Trade

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OKC fan: I'm still all for the James Harden Trade

People really bag on Sam Presti (Thunder's GM) for this trade but i think he pulled the trigger on a very good offer.

The Rockets clearly got a perennial All-Star in Harden so that's a done deal. love him or hate him, I hope no one is disputing that...

However, people don't really see that value they got in return. Kevin Martin filled a very nice role for the Thunder as the designated 6th man with instant offense for a year. people hate on that because he was only a rental but i think it was essential. Lamb, the REAL prize for OKC in the trade, needed to go through the D-League circuit like Harden did, and with Kevin Martin in the rotation, Lamb didn't need to rush and he's able to improve on his game with literally NO PRESSURE (until now of course). Lamb is THE GUY at that instant offense roll the Thunder need and a year of unperturbed development will only help him in his career.

There was also the 12th pick of this year's draft. we all know the Thunder were hoping for at least top eight with this pick, but got screwed over by Rudy Gay helping the Raptors out. ALTHOUGH! I think Steven Adams is a great fit. I honestly don't see him becoming a low post scorer like an Al Jefferson, but the Thunder don't need him to be. The reason why I like this guy is because he's a 7 foot 255 lb hard worker at the 5. at 19, he's gonna be able to pack on at least 10, 15 more pounds. I've read all the scouting reports and all the articles and i see this guy being 1. constant on the off and def boards, ultimately a 10-12 rpg guy in his prime 2. a better defender than perkins but less nasty and less of an anchor mentally speaking (but that's what Ibaka is for)

With all that being said, the Thunder will still start definitely start Perkins and let Adams develop in the D-League for a year (same with Roberson as Sefalosha will start)

[BTW, I'm more excited about Roberson to be honest lol At 6'7 206 lbs, he's 1. more athletic than Sefalosha (Sef is 6'7 210 lbs) 2. he'll develop a decent 3pt shot (already had 30 something % in college with an IMPROVABLE form) 3. defense is already a specialty of his 4. his main specialty, rebounding, is a huge plus when he slide to the SF spot during a small lineup 5. He's a hustle guy on every play. In essence, he's the perfect replacement to Sefalosha in a year. ]

All in all I still think this was a trade in which both teams won.

P.S. I know what i just wrote, but as a Thunder fan, him staying was still my #1 option tho...

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