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Dion Waiters Had 16 FG attempts and Jackson had 12

Durant played 40 minutes only had 12 attempts with russel 15 as well

How is this going to work? Two bench players with more attempts than your superstars, Reggie and Dion looked like they were butting heads last night, each throwing the tempo off all game with quick shots or head down drives. I hope this trade with Lopez goes thru and they are able to get a shooter in the equation. I miss them having a eric manor type guard for the second unit, much how andre miller is for the wizards it gives them a differnt look and feel.

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I do not know if you caught

I do not know if you caught the game, but the shot attempts and final score are deceptive. The 4th quarter was almost entirely garbage time, and Waiters took 9 shots in the 4th. It was a tough back-to-back slate with Houston and Golden State, so it became the Waiters show after they went down 19.

Big picture, I still do not know if Waiters gets that he has a role but the team runs off Durant and Westbrook. It might be a fatally flawed team in that they are so star dependent that any wrench thrown into the gears messes the whole thing up. They really have looked like a team where everything is so specialized that when a situation forces the players or collective team to adapt they struggle.

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