O.J. Mayo offers?

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yo Memphis i do love the Sixers of course but ....

I am a fan of the players not the teams. So when I make a trade proposal I think of the players and how theyll perform on a new team. Its not I offered Tony Battie for OJ Mayo. In fact my first trade idea was Iguadola and Battie for Mayo and Thabeet plus 1st rounder. I think the sixers would be taking on the risk. Memphis takes all the money. Although Mayo and Thabeet make 10 million combined. Hassem doesn't play and OJ is expendable. When I think about you can add Speights in the Deal too. Iggy, Speights and Battie for OJ, Thabeet and Memphis 2010 First Round Pick. I think Iggy and M16 make an impact helping Memphis get into the playoffs, Battie is also a vet with experience. This is also a good move providing insurance for Mayo and Zac's possible exit via free agency. This move makes them a playoff team. How do the Sixers make out that much more then Memphis.

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What do you all think about

What do you all think about Mayo to the Cavs?

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