OJ Mayo: the next Kobe Bryant

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I dont think....

Before i had the oppertunity to see Mayo play, but off hype, I thought he was destined to be the next great thing, a second Kobe. I finally saw him play and i liked what i saw. I mean I really like Mayo he was my favorite rookie and my favorite high school player of his class. Mayo is good and i think will be great but we are talking about kobe here. Kobe is arguably the best player since Jordan. Mayo and Kobe approach the game the same way and neither are shy about taking shots but Kobe is just a player Mayo will never be.

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O.j. Mayo will be better

Are you guys serious O/j. Mayo has a higher vertical than kobe he has 41 while kobe has 38.75 and Kobe is the best of all time O.J. has the potential to be better than kobe, dude the kid has been entering his name in the draft since he was 15 and has been rejected every year, Hes a prodigy, only few players a decade( lebron, and carmelo) to develop maturity of their game at such a young age and he averaged about 19 ppg this year while kobe averaged 7.5 during his rookie season and they were saying Kobe will never be as close to be good as Jordan yet he made a name for himself , O.J. wont be the Next Kobe but he'll make a name for himself by putting is game on the level of Kobe, lebron, wade, melo and durant, In about 5 years from now, you'll look at this message board and laugh and o.j. will have a ring and average about more than 30 a game and maybe 5 and 5 but you cant predict god given natural talent it's their own destiny he has to keep a good attitude, stay healthy and play on a good team to go anywhere in the NBA at least become an All-star.

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OJ Mayo winning a title

OJ Mayo winning a title thats funny..... Does he play for the stats and glory or to win???? Kobe is a top five SG of ALL TIME, I think Mayo is gonna be a solid career 25 ppg scorer but not a top 5 SG of all time......

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