OJ Mayo

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OJ Mayo

We all know OJ Mayo was hyped coming out of high school and somewhat in college. do you think he will ever live up to the hype I mean he can play both guard spots and can MAX out and be as good as D.Wade. his ceiling stat wise can be 29ppg 6 apg and 5 rpg I think if Rudy leaves Memphis he shouldnt re-sign either when his contract is up which he most likely wont b/c he can be a 1st option on championship team with the right supporting cast

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#1 option

Please! Mayo doesn't have the skill set to get 30 any given night much less 40 like most #1 options can. Best case for his career will be a Rip Hamilton, which isn't bad.

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At SG his ceiling is a rich

At SG his ceiling is a rich man's Ben Gordon. At PG its Arenas or Billups

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so if his ceiling is areneas or c bill at 1 hes elite pg

i love oj im from wv so ive followed him through high school im not sure aout him as an nba point he is way too much a shoot first kinda guy id rather keep him at the 2

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Mayo is a very good player,

Mayo is a very good player, but I don't ever see him averaging 29 points per game. He's primarily a jump shooter and doesn't get to the free-throw line.

I think he has potential to be a very good second option on a championship caliber team though.

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If the Grizzles hadn't draft Thabeet

and traded down for Jennings, Mayo would be an elite young SG...In his rookie year He was a 20 ppg guy and actually regressed when the Grizzles got Zac and AI...Even though AI was gone fast it sent a message that they didn't need any more shooters...He and Rudy are the number 1 and 2 guys IMO and they treated them like second class citizens...Conley's not the franchise point guard and to be honest they are not doing right by OJ sticking him at the Point...Let him play his natural position and be the palyer he can be...I do see a little bit a D Wade in OJ...I also think he can be a Better Billups with crazier Handles if he plays the Point...not a 10 assist guy but 20 and 7 ain't to much to ask...If he was On a team that needed a 2G scorer...(Sixers,Bucks,Hornets to name a few....) He'd be averaging 20 plus...I hope the Grizzles really make some dumb move and Free OJ, Gasol and Gay...I give them Thad and L.Will for OJ Mayo...Today...

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i dont think he lives up to

i dont think he lives up to the hype
1. he is a undersized SG that does not have the athletic ability of a D.wade,is real good shooter but at times he struggles,he is a decent defender but gets abused by bigger guards and if he try's to stay in front of some of the elite pgs he will get shown up
2. i think if you put him at PG he could be decent but its like putting ben gordan at the lead guard he is a scorer and thats it. and thats his ceiling i see more of a jamal crawford or like the guy above stated a rich mans ben gordan

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ButlerBulldogs makes a pretty good point about Mayo primarily being a jump-shooter rather than getting to the bucket, but in my opinion that has a lot to do with him playing off the ball. We all know that the more Mayo has the ball, the more he is going to shoot. I think that if he does eventually convert to being a full-time PG than he can have a pretty high scoring output night in and night out, but 29ppg might be a bit high. I could however see him getting around 25ppg or something around there. But like Bulldogs said, his lack of aggressiveness in getting to the free throw line hurts his potential as a scorer.

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mayo at best a rip hamilton? thats kinda disrespectful i think. i think oj mayo is rip hamiltons equal NOW much less later in his career.

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