Ohio State vs Marquette

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Ohio State vs Marquette

Did anyone see this match up?

Ohio State kept Marquette to 35, on route to a 17 point victory

Marquette only shoot an incredible 18.9% FG. With only 10 FG for the entire game.

The starting line up for the Golden Eagles only managed 3 FG BETWEEN them for the ENTIRE game. That has to be a record, I have never seen a match of basketball where the entire starting line up has not scored more then 4 FGs between them for the game.

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I didn't see the game so I

I didn't see the game so I too am curious whether Ohio's defence was that good or Marquette's offence was that bad.

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It was a frustrating game to watch

and I watched it taped where I could skip commercials. It was still frustrating. It was 19 -19 at half. Nobody could make a jump shot and Buzz Williams just replaced Thibs as my favorite sideline coach. He sweated more than any human being ever should while not actually playing basketball at a basketball game. It wasnt the best officiated game either. Early in the second half the Bucks started to run and got a small lead and that was pretty much the difference. Once the game slowed back down it was just lasting till it was over.

Could somebody post video of Buzz in the second half when he was wiping condensation off the floor.

I am a Ohio State fan so I watch the game from that perspective. Ross was passive and played like a guy with the flu, which he doesn't have. Amir Williams played tough but kept getting bad calls and Shannon Scott could be the next Ed Reed, he should talk to Urban. He reacts in passing lanes on another level, with all due respect to Craft and David Lighty. Lenzelle Smith was doing his CJ Miles impression, were regardless if the team as missed 5 straight threes you take one on the next shot anyway. If it falls people tend to think it was a good shot but not me. Craft was playing like Craft. Tough defense but his shot was more off than ussual. My favorite player Sam Thompson had a really good game. His first step is long and quick whether driving right or left.

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Buzz sweats regularly in more

Buzz sweats regularly in more important games such as this one, something I have always noticed. Marquette usually has 1-2 losses early in the year like this every year under Buzz, but all that matters to me is that he always has it figured out come March. We will get better, just a lot of inexperience and unknowns on this team. I think both teams played good defense (OSU's was better) but Marquette couldn't buy a shot in this game. Main problems I have with this Marquette team right now:

  • 1) Derrick Wilson should not be a starting PG
  • 2) Jamil Wilson is not aggressive enough and never has been
  • 3) Outside shooting is still a problem and that was a big reason we lost that Elite Eight game vs Cuse last year.

All of these factors also limit the production of X factor Davante Gardner, who needs these and other factors to go right in order to get paint touches and make an impact.

Props must go to OSU, they are a fantastic team and should make noise come March. Craft is one helluva player.

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