OhCanada 2013 Mock Draft

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Nice mock. I don't think

Nice mock. I don't think Otto would fall to 7, but that would be sweet if the Wiz got him. Wall, Beal, and Otto at the 1,2, and 3 would be a sweet lineup in the future. I also liked Giannis going to Cleveland (another exciting future lineup), but I think Boston will grab him if he's still there. As a Wolves fan, I'd love to see them take a gamble on Ledo even if it is with our late first rounder. I just really hope they try to get someone who has the potential to be a legitimate scorer on the wing to play with Rubio.

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Canadian player selected by Canadian teams draft pick ehh (OKC selecting Kelly) lol

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I like the mock! I also dont

I like the mock! I also dont think Baz will slide out of the top 5, PHX would be perfect for him.

Love MCW to Dallas, thats exactly what they need and i really think he has all-star potential.

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Good to see people are

Good to see people are Finally jumping on the Dennis Schoeder Bangwagon......He might be flashy but he's still a solid defender and he can also makes plays for others..Once he work on his shot he's going to be a stud.....

I cant wait to watch him play in the Hoop Summit a few hours....

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Great mock. Only thing I see

Great mock. Only thing I see worth commenting on is Porter at 7. As a Wizards fan, I would LOVE that and our city would love that, but I'd be really surprised if Porter falls out of the top 5.

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