The oh so tricky Lakers.

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The oh so tricky Lakers.

The lakers must think we are foolish. 4 days ago Buss and company support Brown to the fullest then they let him go? It's quite obvious that they would let him go under one circumstance, they knew phil was ready to return. I do not want to hear the Dantoni garbage or brian shaw the only way a team as Popular and important to the league would fire there head coach 5 games into the season to risk major panic is if they knew that the panic could be controlled. And that control is by obviously bringing Phil back. Not a chance that one day they like Mike then they fire him with no plan. This is a team with two aging vets and best center in the league who were put together to win now. NO way they would fire a coach 5 games into the season to risk drama fan panic and the possibilty of an intern for the season i say by either tomorrow or monday we will get the Phil press conference. Oh you lakers wheeling and dealing behind the scenes just trying to make it look like you and phil didnt already have a deal in place.

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This is probably true and

This is probably true and what I hate is that their is nothing to stop them or penalize them, if Mike Brown had been looking for another nba coaching job before he got fired he would have had his contract nulified and would be required to return the money. You would think the commissoners office would be the ones who would step in this situation but Phil being the Laker coach would increase the casual fan attention and general more money, it all always comes back to money.

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