Oh bravo,

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Oh bravo,

What you guys did there, I seent it.

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I don't think he is, he cost

I don't think he is, he cost himself a lot of money just because of the relative strength of next years draft, so he better get improve this season

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He may go lower...

...but he may go to a better situation a la Harrison Barnes. Barnes stayed in school and cost himself a small amount of money but he is in the playoffs and playing a perfect role for his talents.

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2nd contract is what

2nd contract is what matters...

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OklaState is returning 4out

OklaState is returning 4out of 5 starters. Smart and markel Brown will help them have the best defensive back court. L Nash still has potential to have an above average college season and with Smarts will to win I see them winning the conference championship. Kansas(im a perry ellis fan) is rebuilding that really just leaves kstate west va and Baylor as the other teams contending for the big12 title

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I think OSU is the favorite

I think OSU is the favorite to win the Big 12 next year. Experience goes a long way and KU is almost completely re-loading but will still be formidable with a likely starting lineup of Tharpe, Seldon, White III (Maybe Greene?), Ellis and Traylor with Francamp and Embiid coming off the bench.

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