Offseason Rookie of the Year picks

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Offseason Rookie of the Year picks

I wanted to see who everyone thinks has a shot at the ROY award. I know the pre season hasn't even started yet, but based on where guys landed we might have some kind of idea. Here's my top 3:

1. Trey Burke- I think Burke fell into the best situation he could've landed into. Just like Lillard last year, he's most likely going to step in from day one as the starting point guard. His length will help him defensively, but I think his leadership and court vision is what's really going to help the Jazz. I can see him averaging 14 ppg/7 apg/1.5 spg

2. Cody Zeller- Charlotte needs offense and that's Zeller's main strength. He'll serve as their second option coming in, with Kemba being their main guy. Defense won't be his strong suit, but that's not what Charlotte needs at this point. He'll score a decent amount as a rookie, while having respectable rebounding numbers for a rookie. He's one of the more NBA ready of all the rookies, which will help in his rookie year. Realistically he can go for numbers in the neighborhood of 13-15 ppg/ 6 rpg

3. Ben McLemore- This is assuming Tyreke's gone. That's one less black hole on offense for Ben to deal with. He's got one of the smoothest shots in the draft and a quick release. If he can step up and be the guy, or atleast an aggressive second option next to Cousin's, he'll do just fine as a rookie to the tune of around 15 ppg/ 3 apg/ 4 rpg

CJ McCollum
Alex Len

There's not a lot of guys who jump out as completely NBA ready in this draft, which explains my relatively low predictions for the stats of my top three. If it weren't for Cousins I could see McLemore being closer to 17 or 18 ppg.

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Air McLemore

The Kings are simply building their team around Ben McLemore and DMC. McLemore will be the Kings' first guard scoring option next season. The franchise was buzzing after Ben fell to them. I think the ROY race will be mostly between him and Oladipo. I think the Magic and the Kings have a much better shot at the playoffs than people think, particularly the Magic, would be less surprised if they made it considering many East teams will be tanking and their great talent in Tobias Harris and Vucevic. Oladipo should thrive there. I am saying this assuming Afflalo leaves, but I don't think it matters if if Tyreke leaves or not for McLemore, as he is more flexible with his position than Afflalo.

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KCP will have to show some

KCP will have to show some serious skill to be a rookie of the year, he has the tools to be a great 2 way player and is a good shooter, but will he be able to deliver at a pro level?

he's definitely a sleeper.

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Im going with Trey Burke because he will have a great oportunity to shine and start at PG, and he will be surounded by solid bigs in Kanter/Favors and maybe Millsap if he resigns.

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In a frontcourt featuring MKG and Biyombo, there will be plenty of touches for Cody Zeller. I agree with the numbers predicted in the first post, but because the frontcourt offense will largely be through him, his efficiency could be below average for a big.

Because of that, I believe Burke will be the best offensive rookie. If the Jazz don't sign Mo Williams back, he's gonna be handed the keys from day one. With the ball in his hands, Burke will get all of the touches he wants. Burke is a very good shooter and shot creator and an underrated passer.

Lastly, I'm excited to finally start posting. Hope to add into the great basketball conversation on the site.

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Im goin with victor oladipo

Im goin with victor oladipo

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Trey Burke for me. I don't

Trey Burke for me. I don't think it'll take as much this year

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I like the final two being

I like the final two being McLemore & Burke, with Zeller getting some consideration as well. I'll throw a few other sleepers into the mix, and explain why.

Shabazz Muhammad - This guy was considered the most talented player in this draft at the start of the year. Despite all the negs on him, he still averaged 18 PPG as a freshman despite being on a guard dominated UCLA system, being suspended for a while and getting off to a slow start being overweight. And then you throw in that its well documented UCLA players do better in the NBA then in the college game, or at least thats the trend lately. Playing with an up tempo team like Minnesota will be beneficial to his style of play, and Rubio will get him looks. With Kirilenko on his way out, his only real compeition at SF is Chase Budinger, who was injured most of last season. I think theres a small chance that if everything works out for him in Minnesota, and he earns Rick Adelmans trust early on, he could lead all rookies in scoring by the end of the season. He has the talent to.

Michael Carter-Williams - Looking like he's gonna have the reigns in Philly. Doesn't have much compeition at PG. The downsides to his situation however, is A) He's playing on a terrible team B) No floor spacing and C) He's a pass first PG on a team lacking serious scoring threats. But hey, he's gonna control the ball a fair amount on an up tempo team, he could put up numbers..

Dennis Schroeder - If the Hawks get Howard, it looks like they're gonna rebuild. If that happens, Josh Smith is on his way out, and they may opt to let Jeff Teague go as well. If thats the case, Schroeder could make some noise. He's very assertive and aggresive, and should have the floor spacing to penetrate playing with the returning Kyle Korver on the wings. Horford, Lou Williams and Kyle Korver are the only real scoring threats though so things are wide open in Atlanta right now.

Kelly Olynyk - Also a possibility, albeit a small one. He'll get playing time on a lacking Boston frontcourt, and is one of the safer more NBA ready rookies, so he could have a consistent career starting with a strong first year.

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Oladipo should join the 3

Oladipo should join the 3 guys on top of your list and Len could get somewhere what Drummond averaged last season if he gets minutes. My dark horse is Olynyk who should really see significant minutes for the Celtics and the lack of inside scoring should earn him a nice offensive role in his rookie campaign. Could end up with a near double double and 14 points and 8 to 9 boards.

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Oladipo should join the 3

Double post

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CJ was my pick the entire

CJ was my pick the entire time leading up to the draft then Portland picked him and now I think he just wont have the minutes/shots to get into the conversation, barring an injury to Damian Lillard.

Then I thought Shabazz could be a contender, with all the open shots he'd be getting from Rubio drive and kicks and running breaks with such a good PG, but then they got K-mart and I'm not sure the minutes or shots will be there for him either.

With that said, I think either Trey Burke or Cody takes it. Trey because he will most likely come in and start on a fringe playoff team, where his stats wont matter as much because he will (hopefully) be leading his team to wins. If he averages within the realms of 12 points and 6 assists, and Jazz make the playoffs, I think he gets it, barring another guy having a great year and blowing his stats out of the water. Cody being the second or third option behind Kemba in Charlotte will mean his stats will be inflated due to getting so much of the ball. I think he could average upwards of 15 points a game simply due to the amount of shots he is going to get thanks to Charlottes lack of post bigs. Rebounding is the only thing im not sure he will be stellar at, he never rebounded GREAT at college, he was only a good rebounder, and against NBA athleticism and size i dont see him getting many double digit boards nights, especially if he says he is going to be playing more stretch 4 in the league. I think 6 boards is a reasonable estimate for Cody.

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I think Trey Burke. He has a

I think Trey Burke.

He has a chip on his shoulder and will be starting from day 1, will lead a young Utah team .

15ppg 7apg

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No Kelly olynk?! U guys are crazy!!

I joke. I'd say trey Burke hands down.


Richardo ledo

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my pick

Burke is my choice
zeller is my pick for bust

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sleeper pick

Royce white is crazy
Royce white is arrogant
Royce white can play (if he feels like it)
Is he considered a rookie since he did not play last year???

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For me

For me, it's Trey Burke until further notice, he can shoot, hit clutch shots, off-the charts intangibles, leader and good playmaker.Then you look at his situation, he couldn't have wished to be in a better position, he's Utah's starting point guard right now. Utah are a team who shouldn't suck as much as the Bobcats next year which would make Burke's production seem more important than Zeller's. He isn't super undersized as he's made to be but he needs to improve defensively but I think he'll "get it" someday due to his high character.

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I think if the Kings land

I think if the Kings land Jose Calderon, Ben McLemore can be in a real favorable position to make a push. With Reke, most likely on his way out and a legit post presence who is a good passer, in Cousins, a guy like Ben could slide in to the starting 2 guard position ( allowing Thornton to be a 6th man ) next to a great creator like Calderon he could get enough open looks to have a really good rookie year.

He's not going to be crossing over guys from day one, but he's an excellent shot who never played next to a pure PG in college. Getting that chance next to Jose and a center who averaged nearly 3 apg last year could maximize what he does well, and that is shoot.

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I think Shabazz landed in a great position where he will be able to come in and shoot the ball a lot Kevin MArtin and Kevin Love will both be the main scorers. But the team is not loaded, providing Shabazz with several opportunities to put the ball in the basket. I'm selecting him as my prediction for ROY.

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I'm surprised no one has even mentioned Bennet.
I'm not sure how the Cavs rotation is gonna be up front, but if he can get around 30 mins a game and stay healthy all season long he could put up some nice numbers.
He's got a lot of strength for a 20 year old and massive shoulders. He won't have any trouble translating his skills to the NBA as he doesn't have to worry about gaining strength to bang with the big boys.
The cavs are in need of an offensive front court player to team up with Irving and the pick and roll/ pick and pop game could be lethal between the two of them. I can see numbers close to 15pts 8rbs a game as a second option on the cavs.

All I really want to say is that he's definitely got Rookie of the Year potential, and should get a mention in this discussion.

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Mclemore or Oladipo

I would like to see Bennet get it but if not him the Mclemore or Oladipo. I feel like Mclemore will get a lot of open looks because of Cousins down low and i think Oladipo will have to score and have big games in order for his team to compete.

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If it wasn't for his injury

If it wasn't for his injury then Anthony Benett would be my first pick. He can put up big scoring and rebounding numbers from the gate.

Oladipo might run away with it honestly his offense is better then people realize.

Porter won't have the ball enough and the Cats just signed Big Al. Len and Noels are raw and hurt and I don't think B Mac is better then Thornton right away.

KCP is a sleeper because he got the skill and the Pistons need wing scorers.

Burke is going to have trouble adjusting to the league af first.

Bazz is another sleeper except the Wolces just got K Mart.

CJ will have to share wit Lillard.

Carter Williams is a sleeper his game and athleticism is NBA ready and he should be able to pemetrate and rack up steals and assists right away.

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I'm looking forward to watching McLemore play with Cousins and Vasquez. He's the front runner in my opinion. Vasquez is just what this team needs, a playmaker that will make the rest of the team better, especially McLemore. New era in Sacramento.

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