The Official NCAABB "I know everyone thinks ____ is the best player on _____, but I think that _____ is really the best" Thread

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The Official NCAABB "I know everyone thinks ____ is the best player on _____, but I think that _____ is really the best" Thread

Feel free to add your own examples, but here's mine:

"I know everyone thinks Trey Burke is the best player on Michigan, but I think that Tim Hardaway Jr. is really the best."

Tim Hardaway does not get his due. He's a great offensive player, maybe the best in the Big Ten. He's become a savvy Big Ten veteran and he can shoot it from distance very well and drive it. Burke, I've always thought was kind of a chucker, even if he is a great player. I just think Hardaway is the best player on UM.

Another example is Ben McLemore over Jeff Withey, although I think people are starting to jump on the "McLemore is KU's best player" bandwagon.

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Nerlens Noel, Alex Poythress.

Nerlens Noel, Alex Poythress. He's been their most consistent player so far

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Ohio State, I'm not saying he is the best but my favorite player

I know everyone thinks Aaron Craft/Deshaun Thomas is the best player on Ohio State, but I think that Sam Thompson is really the best.

He doesn't force anything and plays passive on offense, but one day he will break out. I think he has the most pro potential on the team right now as far as the length of his pro career. He will be a four year college player and a late second round pick even then. I like his mechanics (pass/shot), elite athleticism, defense, long arms, quick leaper and he seems to be a self contained guy thats real coachable. Don't look up his numbers because they are nonexistant but trust me down the line he will be in the NBA. He is sort of a extremely poor/homeless man's Rudy Gay.

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Wait who thinks Burke is the

Wait who thinks Burke is the best player on Mich.?

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I do.

I do.

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Burke's been Michigan's best

Burke's been Michigan's best player since last year.

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