The Offical Heat Resolution Thread

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The Offical Heat Resolution Thread

What can the Heat do to fix their problems. Post your thoughts here

I would make LeBron and Wade the Jordan and Pippen combo.

Chris Bosh simply has to go trades I would look at are Bosh to ATL for Smith and Bibby don't think Atlanta would do that think again makes ATL bigger 6'11 and 6'10 Bosh and Johnson would make a great combo as Bosh fits ATL's system better than Smith offensively though Smith gives ATL defense thats unmatched but Horford is a solid defender and Horford will do what he does best is bang. Smith gives LeBron and Wade their Rodman because they need a post defender and Smith is a shorter Dwight Howard while Bibby can be the Kerr.

Next is to sign Earl Barron who is the best FA available at 7 feet and can get you 10 point and 10 rebounds easily.

Push Arroyo to the back of the line Chalmer plays back up Point he can defend and knock down jumpers. Miller, House and Jones can be the shooters but thats all House and Jones can really do at least Miller can dribble and defend so Jones and House split minutes depending on whos hot. Big Z plays back up Center at about 12-15 minutes a game.

Last Pat Riley coaches this team he can make sure they play their games while still keeping a team mentality.

Depth Chart




Wade/Jones or House


thats a team not 3 stars

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My solution

My solution is to give them some time to come together and then see what happens. They are 5-4 not 0-9.

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Losing to Utah, Boston,

Losing to Utah, Boston, Boston and New Orleans happens. Utah is probally a top 5 team in this league, Boston is the best team in the East and New Orleans has is number 1 on the power rankings, no shame in those losses. They cant do much more except learn to defend penetration and gang rebound. Trading Bosh could solve some of their issues thou since Haslem plays that role alot better.

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they're not built like the Bulls

They're built like the 2010 Miami Heat...

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trading one of the big

three is never going to happen

riley would defenetley step in as the coach before that wud happen

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This is a joke. De we have to

This is a joke. De we have to be irrational with everything pertaining to the Heat?

OhCanada your on point.

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They need to figure out how

They need to figure out how to stop elite point guards but then again most teams do. This is a team i thought would struggle winning a championship this year. Though signing Barron or Dampier would make sense to me. Their PG situation is bad though. Chalmers to me should fit the best with his long arms and shooting ability. They will be deep in the playoffs this year im sure. I just never thought they were a favorite for the title.

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The heat should just sign Dampier

and wait for Mike Miller to return from injury...playing Chalmers wouldn't hurt either...and why is Big Z not a starter???

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Problem Solved

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what could be

what could be LeBron's secret stuff? haha

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Marcusfizer, I think its the

Marcusfizer, I think its the chalk that he throws up in the air before every game.

Start Chalmers. Sign Dampier. Start either Damp or Ilgauskas, and teach team how to not break down defensively. To keep at it through the entire game. They play great for about a quarter or two and then they suck the rest of the game. The game is 48 minutes long not 24 or 12.

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I think i was of the few

I think i was of the few people that wasnt too happy about Lebron joining the Heat..Becuz he and Wade would cancel each other out..Becuz they have the same limitations on offense...

The Heat's main problem is they dont have a Half Court game..They give the ball to Lebron or Wade and everyone else gets out of the way..And when the defense stops them,they're force to pass the ball to a teammate who has to force up a bad shot..Becuz the shot clock is winding down..

I'll love to see Juwan Howard or Pittman play more..Howard is the only big man on their roster that has a post game..Pittman is a little inexperienced but he and Howard can try to get the opposing team's big men in foul trouble....

Sign Dampier...

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