Oden news

Finally some Oden news. Hes reportedly checking out these teams for his come back. Heat, Spurs, Celtics and Bobcats. I hope he joins one of my two teams. He can develop and work his way back from his injury with the young Celtics or join the Bobcats and have a solid 4 man rotation of Oden-Jefferson and Zeller and Bismack backing them up. Who do you think he should join?

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Spurs would be the best for

Spurs would be the best for him. They have a very good training staff and Pop really knows how to manage minutes to get the best out of his players.

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I'd like to see Miami do

I'd like to see Miami do SOMETHING to improve their frontcourt size this offseason

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Because obviously they need

Because obviously they need all the help they can get...

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He's got two main considerations

He's got two main considerations here, go to a contender to win a possible championship or be part of a young nucleus go forward. Taking his health into account, I say join the Spurs or the Heat and aim for a ring because we just don't know if he'll be there for the long haul on the Bobcats or Celtics.

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Taking his health into

Taking his health into consideration, I think he goes to the highest bidder. Another knee injury would mean the end to his career. He cannot afford to sacrifice $$$ just for a chance to win right now.

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i really hope he gets another

i really hope he gets another shot, but i really dont think oden would start, even in charlotte..

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The center position is wide

The center position is wide open right now in Boston, no true center outside of Fab Melo, really.

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I thought Iverson looked

I thought Iverson looked better than Fab in SL, neither guy should be more than a 10-16 min player at this point in their careers. Boston could really use the help.

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If he goes to the Heat and stays healthy and becomes the player we all thought he would be. That wont be fair.

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1 issue

I have one issue with your post, and that is the quote "one of my two teams." A real fan of any sport doesn't have more than one team, unless you're a bandwagoner and then I have no respect for your opinion. However, since this post has no opinion and is just news, that is a moot point. I wish my life-long team (wizards aka bullets) would take a look at him, but I also would not want to waste valuable cap space if his knees don't hold up, but I hope he has success.

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No, a real fan likes multiple

No, a real fan likes multiple teams and basketball in general. My main team is Thunder because I live in OKC, but I have about 10 teams that I love to watch just as much as the Thunder.

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I agree with this. You can't

I agree with this. You can't say "one of my two teams" and expect to not sound like a typical, casual, bandwagon fan.

There's a difference between having two teams and simply enjoy watching other teams and this definitely sounds like the former.

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I don't know why he isn't

I don't know why he isn't considering the Suns since they have the best medical staff in the league.

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Out of those four I'd want

Out of those four I'd want him to go to either the Heat or the Celtics, simply for the reason that he could actually have a chance to achieve his potential there if the injuries haven't wiped his athletic ability away. The Spurs would simply use him as a piece in their dynasty cog while he'd sit behind Al Jefferson for at least two years

Boston gives him a chance to start relatively soon and having Rondo setting you up is, along with Chris Paul, the best you can ask for. The Heat would give him a chance to develop into a second option, but even they are in a hardcore win now mode that seems like a stretch.

So hopefully he ends up in Boston and let the Brad Stevens era begin!

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The Heat would be a perfect

The Heat would be a perfect fit, he only has to defend and rebound. The Spurs would be a great organization to join but a lot could depend on what Splitter does. Charlotte personally I'm not that keen on, they have Jefferson there now and are looking to develop young bigs around him although working with Patrick Ewing would be great for Greg.

Although Boston may not seem the most obvious fit, it does look interesting to me. They have a fair few young bigs but whose development may not be as quick as the higher drafted young Charlotte bigs so Oden could almost be one of the senior bigs on the roster right away. As Boston have gone into rebuild, Oden would be a low risk high upside signing and also he'd follow in the tradition of other Boston C's like his lookalike Bill Russell.

On another site several years ago I started to call the pre draft Greg Oden G-OD as he was almost considered the 2nd coming, whilst he may never reach that level it would be great to see him finally resume his NBA career.

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band wagoner?

idk how you guys are calling me a band wagoner when im rooting for 2 teams that arent even that good. 1. Ive been a celtics fan since I was a little kid so im always going to like them, 2. The bobcats are a team I like because they drafted my favorite college basketball player in Kemba Walker so I want him and them to do good as well. There is nothing wrong with rooting for 2 teams

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As I've said before I'm Uk

As I've said before I'm Uk based and people across the sports here will often have a second team they may have a soft spot for as well as their main team. My NBA team is the Suns but I would not say I dislike any teams, I went through a spell of hating the Spurs when they kept beating us but now I respect their organization hugely.

I would say supporting two teams equally in say the NBA would be strange but people would easily support an NBA team and a college team for example and the same with the NFL.

Regarding 2nd teams, there was a UK survey to find everyone's favourite 2nd football team and a local team to me Walsall came very high as where I live it is everyone's unofficial 2nd team.

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