Oden to meet with 3 teams this week

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Oden to meet with 3 teams this week

Mavs, Kings and Pelicans.

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If healthy

If he goes to the Pelicans and he's HEALTHY and stays healthy then I think that's a good fit next to Davis. They would be a team to watch out for in the next few years. The Kings have pretty good big guys I think their focus is more on the point guard position. It appears Dallas is trying to get anybody they can after failing for Howard, Bynum, and apparently any other big.

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Source here:
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The crazy thing is Greg Oden

The crazy thing is Greg Oden is only 25 at this point despite his multiple years of being injured, If Oden could truly get healthy he could still have an awesome career assuming his previous injuries haven't limited his overall mobility.

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I wouldn't mind at all him

I wouldn't mind at all him being a King...If he can stay healthy he could start and Cuz could move to PF.

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If Oden comes to Sactown he

If Oden comes to Sactown he would backup Cousins at center. Cousins at PF and Oden at center wouldn't work. No floor spacing, plus we don't even know Oden's condition and it would be stupid to throw him straight into the starting 5.

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Kings have signed Carl Landry don't think they should risk it. Greg Oden had said he wants to play for the heat.

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