Oden, Beasley, and Turner are in the Conference Finals...

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Oden, Beasley, and Turner are in the Conference Finals...

If you had told me at the time of their drafting that Greg Oden, Michael Beasley, and Evan Turner would be in the conference finals, fighting for a chance to make the finals, I wouldn't be surprised. If you had told me that all three were in the game as DNP benchwarmers for the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, I would've...been very surprised. All three of these guys would, one would think, have a chance to still become good, if not great, players in the league. Turner probably has the best chance as he was just recently booted from the rotation and was traded to an Indiana situation that was never ideal for him. Just an interesting situation.

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You forgot about Hasheem,

You forgot about Hasheem, buddy. LOL

good observation.

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Well, I was looking at the

Well, I was looking at the box score for this particular game and that's what I was referring to.

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Turner is straight

Turner is straight trash.

Beasley plays with a low IQ on both ends, weak work ethic and his defense is so bad that Spo wont trust him in the game.

Oden, well, its all to blame on his injuries. if he stayed Healthy, he'd be a starting center in this league...a 18ppg , 10 rpg, and 2pg type of player.

soo out of the 3, two of the players are truly failures and one was ruined by injuries.

it is kinda mind blowing thinking about at their drafts and would they have become.

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You puy alot of thought into

You puy alot of thought into the Turner analysis. Theres no way Evan Turner and Mike Beasley are complete failures.

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Honestly all those players

Honestly all those players except turner I was high on. I think oden would have been a good player, but injuries stopped that. Beasley has so much scoring talent, but immaturity issues and low basketball iq is stopping him from becoming great scorer. His defence is weak can't even have him on the floor. Heat are playing Lewis instead. I could have seen all these players in conference finals, but didn't think to see it this way back when drafted. Other guys I was high on around their draft time Terrence Williams, Chris Douglas Roberts, glad to see him back in nba. That's why personally I feel Cleveland should take Parker's, we see how potential can work out and centres with injury concerns. Draft Parker trade waiters puts Cleveland in better position IMO.

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I still feel like if you put

I still feel like if you put Beasley on any team other than the Heat or Thunder coming out of college he would have been a star.

Imagine if Durant had come out and ended up on a team with a prime Dwyane Wade, do you think he'd be given the opportunities he was given in OKC to make mistakes and learn through them? Hell no, he'd be taking a back-seat to Wade and his confidence might never recover.

Durant is far from a great defender even now, he would have been getting killed as a rookie and who knows if he would have gotten minutes?

Yes, Beasley made some stupid mistakes, but the way for young players with superstar potential to get better is with the trust of an organisation and a long leash.

He had a chance to get his career on track in Minnesota with the triangle and the confidence of the GM, but after putting up 20ppg for the season he suffered a bunch of minor injuries which sapped their confidence in him before he could really establish himself.

Realistically, Beasley developed properly and given the opportunity to develop his scoring game at the NBA level could have been a legitimate rival for Durant (who happens to be one of his close friends) for his whole career, but it just didn't pan out.

I know he didn't have the mental strength to excel like Durant did, but we've seen what the proper mentoring can do for "head-case" players like Lance Stephenson - although obviously their situations are different because Stephenson needed to be humbled and Beasley needed to be given more room, but still.

Also, just while I'm ranting about players that should have been great (from the 2008 draft class no less), I still get angry when I think about the Pelicans matching Eric Gordon's max offer sheet with Phoenix a few years back.

The dude knew he had to be healthy and that Phoenix would give him the best chance to do that, but instead he got stuck with the team at New Orleans, who seem incompetent in comparison.

Can you just imagine if Gordon had been healthy in Phoenix the last two years? I feel like he'd be a scoring monster like Harden with the ability to play great D as well.

The NBA, where amazing could have happened.

Also, you know, Derrick Rose and whatnot. He doesn't get injured then the Heat suddenly have a much tougher road to the Finals each year and maybe don't win last year's title.

Really this should be its own thread about how good the 2008 draft class could have been, but I'll just put it here.

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Buried at the end of their respective benches

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Beasley was one of my

Beasley was one of my favorite player coming out of college but seems like every year he's gotten worst. Someone said its due to weak work ethic, would you guys agree? Sencond, is it safe to say he's a bust?

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