The number 1 pick in the nba draft should be...

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The number 1 pick in the nba draft should be...

Jabari Parker- Why?

Because Jabari Parker possesses the strongest foundational combination of tremendous skills, tremendous talent, and a tremendous understanding of how to play the game of basketball. He truly has a LeBron James like talent level, skill level, and basketball I.Q., with-out Lebron's freakish athleticism. But Jabari Is obviously still a very good athlete

Cleveland is still a team that is trying to recover from the loss of LeBron James, and Jabari Parker can give Cleveland a trio of extremely talented players that can potentially push Cleveland to the top of the eastern conference in future years to come

To keep it real, Cleveland could potentially have a trio of extremely talented prospects / players ( Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and Jabari Parker ) that could be similar to the trio of extremely talented players that the Great Detroit Pistons team had in the 1990s ( Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, and Adrian Dantley )

Great Talent + Great Skill + Great Basketball Understanding = Elite Basketball Player. To me Jabari is the best prospect in this draft because he possesses the strongest foundational combination of tremendous skills, tremendous talent, and a tremendous understanding of how to play the game of basketball. I like embiid, wiggins, and randle, but it's obvious to me that Jabari parker is the best player in in this 2014 NBA draft.

Jabari Parker + Kyrie Irving + Dion Waiters = Something that has the potential to be truly special. Especially if Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters can improve as playmakers and maximize their ability to make the players around them better

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i was thinking also that

i was thinking also that jabari should be the top pick but only way to work if some trades go down

there would be to many iso player one one team to be a great time

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I can totally picture

I can totally picture Cleveland taking Parker. It makes me laugh.

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Will Jabari Parker be enough

Will Jabari Parker be enough to keep Kyrie Irving in Cleveland? I think the Cavs should go for either Parker or Embiid. I like Wiggins, but I feel that Parker is more NBA ready right now. A young core of Irving, Waiters and Parker would be exciting to watch.

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I think they take Embiid, but

I think they take Embiid, but given how much criticism they got over Bennett, it might be smarter to go with Parker. He is a can't miss guy. And a safe choice. Wiggins and Embiid may end up better, but we know Parker will thrive and probably right away.

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I usually don't "thumbs down"

I usually don't "thumbs down" people but I had to on this one. Saying Parker has "LeBron level talent, skill, and IQ" is ridiculous. No one in this draft has that and I'm not talking LeBron now. I'm saying they don't have that level of talent, skill, or IQ of a rookie LeBron.

Now I do think Parker can be a Melo or Paul Pierce like scorer in the NBA and be a every year all-star. That is absolutely worthy of going #1 in a normal draft. But not sure he'll ever be the guy who leads a team to the NBA championship. He's a sure bet to be a very good NBA player but I really don't feel he has that potential to be a dominate 2-way player in the NBA like Embiid and Wiggins and that is why I have them above him.
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OP - in your mind, what is

OP - in your mind, what is the difference between skill and talent? I am trying to understand your equation.

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the thing a lot of ppl fail

the thing a lot of ppl fail to realize is jabari is young they just rule him out oh he cant have a lot of upside..?

if wiggins is the next Paul George/kwahi whoopty do ok that's a piece to build with

that hitman mindset isn't made its something your born with your born to lead

wiggins doesn't show this. When I play basketball against kids that go all pub or up and coming I tell them im not going to kill you no one is going to hurt you on the court don't be scared of contact don't be scared of playing basketball nothings going to happen to. Wiggins has that fragile mind set it can improve but the soft stuff has to stop I love wiggins he grew on me with his abilities to affect a game with litte to no effort does that mean hes going to put it all together no. I said wiggins is not a Jordan,mcgrady,kobe, type of assain its not even about ability its about make up.

Parker is the type of talent you build around Carmelo Anthony is a super star and maybe future hof paul perice is a hof those are the ppl with similar games to him at worst hes a bigger danny granger at worst still all star cal he will only get better and if he does with paul and Carmelo seemed to never do if he developpes a killer body lost body fat% replace it with muscle increase his lateral speed and vert threw work out programs he could surpass both but that's a lot to task him with. parker has the make up if his ability falls short ok but he will not leave you asking why didn't you give your all. why didn't you take it to the next level.

but parker wont go first

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The Cavs would have the worst

The Cavs would have the worst perimeter defense in the league and still don't have a rim protector

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I actually think Jabari

I actually think Jabari Parker should be drafted number 1, but I understand the chance of having a dominant big man. My only thing is everyone always says most big guys aren't fully developed until they're like 25. So can you wait for Embiid to develop, because Kyrie's time to make a "Decision" is coming up.

I understand because Wiggins is so athletic, people love his upside but I think from a player standpoint, a skill standpoint, Jabari is the better player and will be the better player, that's just me, but athleticism can hide a lot of deficiencies. I think people are forgetting how good of a passer Jabari is because he played the post in that Duke offense, that took away from his game. Jabari can pass, he can shoot, he can post, he can handle the ball, I also think on the wing in team defense, he won't be horrible.

The last time he was measured, he was 6'8.5, 240 pounds with a 6'11.5 wingspan, the time before that he was 6'8, 241, with a 7'0 wingspan, so he has enough length, strength and size to defend, I wish he would have participated in the athletic portion of the combine because I belive he is more athletic than people give him credit for, not Wiggins level, but a good NBA athlete, let's see how he transforms his body, Carmelo and Pierce both did it but it took time, and their games didn't suffer for it.

I'd pick Jabari number 1, but if Embiid or Wiggins get picked, I understand both and I think the Cavs would be happy with either.

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A sidenote a lot was made of

A sidenote a lot was made of Jabari's defensive deficiencies this year, through all of that he averaged 1.2 blocks and 1.1 steals, Wiggins for comparison averaged 1 block and 1.2 steals. Wiggins athleticism will always make him the better 1 on 1 defender, but I think Jabari will fit in with a good team defense.

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Parker averaged 1.2 assists

Parker averaged 1.2 assists per game at Duke. LeBron averages 7 assists per game..and don't even get me started on the defensive differences. Jabari is a different kind of player...much more Melo than LeBron.

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Kyrie, Waiters, Jabari, and

Kyrie, Waiters, Jabari, and Anthony Bennett would be a chubby team. They could take a flyer on Sim Bhular to be their man in the middle.

i think the Cavs should go with Embiid or Wiggins.

The Cavs already have two high usage volume scorers in Irving and Waiters. Plus they have Anthony Bennett in that 4/3 spot.

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