The Nuggets are a good franchise

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The Nuggets are a good franchise

We always hear about how certain teams are well run, like the Spurs and Mavs, but it's very rare to hear someone mention the Nuggets in that category. While I don't think they're the power house that those former teams are, I can't help but look at their moves since 2003 (When they got new owners and changed their colors/logo) and be amazed at how well they've been. Just check it out yourself:

  • In 2003, they drafted their franchise player, Carmelo Anthony, and made it to the playoffs
  • In 2004, they hired George Karl, one of the better coaches in the league at the time
  • In 2006, they traded Joe Smith and Andre Miller for Alan Iverson. Maybe not the best move, but it sure was fun to watch.
  • In 2008, they would then trade Iverson for Chauncy Billups, which would finally get them out of the first round.
  • In 2009, they traded for the draft rights of the 18th pick, Ty Lawson.
  • They would then go on to trade their franchise pg in Billups, and their franchise player Melo to the Knicks, and I think it goes without saying now, that they won that trade.
  • In 2012, they would trade an aging NeNe for a younger McGee, while not the best trade, makes sense because they drafted The Manimal.
  • That same year they would trade Arron Afflolo for Andre Iguadala, and would go on to win a franchise high 57 games that year.

Overall I think they have taken a good road to where they are, and with an expected lottery pick in the supposedly star-studded 2014 draft, I can't help but show my admiration. You need stars to win, but smart trades and good drafts count just as much.

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Every Nuggets fan must of

Every Nuggets fan must of wept when Masai Ujiri was signed away to Toronto. That man built what the Nuggets are today.

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