Now that we know Phil would coach the Lakers...

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Now that we know Phil would coach the Lakers...

can we assume he would return to another team who is also a contender?... or he was just returning because its the Lakers?

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Just to the Lakers. I don't

Just to the Lakers.

I don't see him going anywhere else, especially because all of the elite teams have a great coach.

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If the heat didnt win the

If the heat didnt win the title last year, I could see riley hiring phil and phil wanting to get revenge, that would be hilarious. would never happen but just to think of lakers vs heat with phil coachin the heat

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No way Pat Riley would hire Phil

He would do it himself before he hired Phil Jackson to coach the Heat.

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Nope, Phil will only coach

Nope, Phil will only coach elite teams which is BS, I wonder how he would do on an average team

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As ridiculous as it sounds, I

As ridiculous as it sounds, I could see it. Phil was enjoying retirement (while also finally being healthy) when the Lakers came calling and put that seed in his mind about coaching again. After their meeting when he had time to process wtf just happened, I bet my bottom dollar he became emtionally invested in the idea.

I'll still be shocked if it happens, but if a team with the right parts came calling (ie, a team with a shot in hell at winning a chip) I could see The Zen master signing up for another tour of duty. He coached the Bulls for 6 championships and then went to the Lakers for another 5. Why not a 3rd team for 4 more?

New York is pretty sweet and if they hadn't just resigned their coach in the offseason I woulda thought that as good a place as any. Things change quickly in the NBA. The next super team could happen within a year or 2. After all some teams have turned over their entire roster in the last 2 years.

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Heat would be a great option for him afer he was dissed by the lakers, but Miami to classy to fire their coach 5 games into a season!

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it would

it would be cool to see how Phi does with an average team, but lukily for him he has earned the right to be picky.

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