NOw on tha clock tha Memphis Grizzlies

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NOw on tha clock tha Memphis Grizzlies

OK Ok so tha talent level is there but tha jus seem to suck so badly, this team struck gold last year wif tha Mayo for Love trade (personally one of tha worst trades i ever seen), and i dnt think this draft they will get blessed wif such another, but this team probably well not probably they wont be really a contender next year in tha West but in this draft they can fill some glaring needs, i think that they really really need a Power Foward badly,and they shuld pick tha best one who is on tha board.... if Jordan Hill is on tha board and there on tha clock its an absolute must that they take him wif out hesitation, he is an immediate upgrade, but if they dnt choose to go that route, i beleieve they shuld draft B. Jennings to push Mike Conley for tha starting spot, u can never go wrong wif 2 serviceable Pg unless ur tha bobcats, Wat do u believe is their most glaring need?

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4 man sounds right

As much as I like Arthur, I am not sold he's a starting 4 yet. I think Monroe would be a better fit than Hill, but Monroe may not enter. With OJ in at the 2, I think they need a PG who can shoot the ball and spread the floor. Steph Curry might be a better option at than Jennings or any other of the top PG's because he can be effective without the ball in his hands. If Curry really is 6'3" and as long as he looks, then even if he doesn't beat out Conley to start, he can be a backup at either guard slot.

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craig brackins would be

craig brackins would be better than hill and monroe

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When I was playing 2k9

When I was playing 2k9 yesterday I was kiiiiiling with the Grizzlies. Mayo is going to be a top 10 SG for years to come. Whats up with Rudy Gay, I've heard he becoming a chucker. Gasol is solid at C. (I think, dont see maby Grizz games). I'm not sold on Conely so if they like a pg prospect.
ie; Maynor, Jennings but if Hill slips I think thats where they go. Let Arthur and Hill batllie for a couple years it'll make them better. Whats missing on this team?

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The need a SG because Mayo

The need a SG because Mayo has publicly voiced that he wants to be the PG. The franchise player is gonna get what he wants.

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maybe an oj mayo/james

maybe an oj mayo/james harden backcourt?

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I watch Grizz games all the

I watch Grizz games all the time and believe me, Mike Conley is the real deal. He's more of a distributor which is what this team needs with OJ and Rudy on the floor.OJ and Mike have been playing very well together since Lionel Hollins took over and there is no need to put OJ at the point. He's putting up very good numbers at the 2 and has went against some of the top defenders in the league while doing this so there is no need to fix something that is not broken. I believe that their biggest need is at the 4 spot. They definitely need an athletic scorer/rebounder to put next to Marc Gasol who is wayyyyyy more physical than his brother Pau and has also exceeded expectations in Memphis. If they get lucky and land Blake then they will be set, but Jordan Hill could be an ok consolation prize. With 2 first round picks this year and next they can get the talent. They could possibly address this need in free agency, which would allow them to use their picks on another talent, but once they get a legit 4 and a better bench, they will be a team to look out for in the future.

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Draft Rubio Trade Conley for

Draft Rubio
Trade Conley for Anthony Randolph

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They are young are growing but need a start PF

I like Conlevy. He is playing well for them now and he is a coach son, athletic and he doesn't need to score. They need a power forward and more perimeter shooting. Curry, Hill, Monroe, or Brackins could definitely help. OJ is not playing the point full time. He may get some time there when Conlevy is on the bench though.

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