Now on tha clock Golden State

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Now on tha clock Golden State

Im pretty sure almost every1 has watched this team play this year..... these guys are absolutely horrible @ playing defense, tha problem is that they have to many damn offensive minded players 4 their own good... and they lack a defensive presence i think if they have a very low lotto pick they shuld trade up and try to get thabeet!!!!!

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not a bad idea but i doubt

not a bad idea but i doubt they do it.

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Don Nelson has stated he

Don Nelson has stated he wants Terrence Williams.

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yeah nelson prolly wouldnt

yeah nelson prolly wouldnt do it..... he'd think thabeet would slow him would be an aight fit.... Steven Jackson is a monster tho.. they shoulda kept baron.... who like Maggette? I

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Good point jojososa

I definitely agree with them needing a defensive presense. The only think about getting Thabeet would be having Andris Biedrins also.

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Nellie has got to go

Ok, being a bay area guy I can tell you the Warriors are in shambles. Brandon Wright is decent when healthy but hes too skinny and routinly oppositions get good position in the paint. Beidrins is a decent defender and a garbage man. Watson is a good back up PG but thats another need. Turiaf and Morrow are the only two players gving them value for the money. Randolph need to develop. I say they draft BPA, but im also high on
Derozan who I want to see them draft. Hopefully Crawford opts out and the whole Monta thing is a mess. Nellie has got to go.

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guaranteed if Jennings is available they take him...............Thabeet = bust

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with the history of big men from africa... jennings seem more logical

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g state wont take thabeet because he wont be able to keep up with their running game, he has trouble keeping up with guys when they run down and set up a half court.... i also dont see them drafting jennings because i think they put the ball in montas hands and lets him be the point.... i see them drafting t-will because he is perfect for this team, he is a point forward and can be just like stephen jackson, maybe even become better within the system

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Don Nelson and Paul Pressey

I have said all along that Terrence Williams reminds me of Paul Pressey, a point-forward that played for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 80's. Well, who coached that team? Don Nelson

Don't be surprised to see Terrence Williams picked at #7 by the Warriors.
* TWILL is the second coming.

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the golden state warriors

need to fire that old man . get avery johnson on the phone or even mark jackson someone who will demand discipline and respect. but that wont happen. anyone getting back on topic. they need to draft jeenings or flynn. and tell ellis to shut up. i use to like him. but now hes started to p--- off. hes not even a all-star yet. and oh ready hes calling shots. just because he won most improved years ago doesnt mean he can start acting like hes kobe.

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I remember that Milwaukee team with Pressey & Jack Sikma - they were sneaky good. I don't remember who else was on that team, but I do remember they had more than their fair share of big ugly white dudes (I mean really ugly).

I could see a little bit of Pressey in Williams - if he doesn't go to Golden State, where does he go? He's one of the tougher guys to figure out IMO.

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