Now it's time for us to Step up and make a run at Melo!!!

Now it's time for our(Sixers) New President to step up and make this trade happen!! Trade Iggy,Brackins,2011 First Round Pick and Kapono! That keeps them(Denver) with a Good forward and provides a future with the pick.. We can sell Melo on Making the Playoffs and a New President who really wants to win and not just sell tickets!! And next summer money comes off our cap and we still have a mid level that we never use!! I hate that we never use our mid level, ever!! Philly is Not New York but this is a town that he can market the Jordan Brand and hs Wife can still have her career!! Win Win for everyone..Melo will bring another player to Philly..I'm prayer we get someone that's Blind to take Elton Brand's Contract!!

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