Now that the draft is over....

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Now that the draft is over....

What grade do you give this site, based on coverage, accuracy, etc.... I think this site did a good job in terms of article, coverage, and player profiles. There were new stories every few days that were interesting to read. One thing I think they could've done was add the combine measurements/stats to the player profile. I like the score they give based on attributes of the player, and the scouting report, but I think combine stuff would give us a further look into the players. I think the accuracy of the draft wasn't that good, but that is not their fault, but I think the fault of GMs and their idiotic decisions their draft. The layout is nice and easy to use, so I give this site an A-. Hopefully next year, they add combine stuff to the player profiles, pushing them to an A+.

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I agree, I also give them an A- and hopefully they will do A+ material next year.

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i think the rating on the player

profiles were wrong in alot of cases by a long shot in atleast 1 aspect of a players game

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I have either NBADRAFT.NET

I have either NBADRAFT.NET had a down year on projecting players, or DRAFTEXPRESS.COM is just finally catching up to them.

NBADRAFT.NET- 9 first round picks correct
DRAFTEXPRESS.COM - 10 first round picks correct.

Props to the dude, (or NBADRAFT.NET,) for picking the first 19 picks right and maybe having 4 of the picks correct in the rest of the draft in the mock draft contest. Who in their right &$#%#[email protected]! mind gets the first 19 right with the Johnny Flynn at 6 pick right. Give me a &$#%#[email protected]! break.

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