Notes on Sixers beating Rockets (Wroten)

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Notes on Sixers beating Rockets (Wroten)

So the Sixers won again tonight. beating the Rockets in OT. Both Harden and MCW didn't play because on foot injuries. Two things to note. James Anderson was hot (so was Lin who had 9 treys). Anderson finished with a career high 36. Also Tony Wroten had a triple-double with 18 pts, 11 ast, & 10 reb. He looked great running the point and his 4 turnovers were basically him trying to do insane no look passes which of course his team mates weren't prepared for and the Rockets stole them. But anyways so glad I drafted him in fantasy and started him tonight. You have to admit 18 pts, 11 ast, 10 reb is damn impressive for his first ever start.

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Man, the Rockets are terrible

Man, the Rockets are terrible defensively. 123 points for the Sixers. Even with the OT thats way too much. This team is not winning a championship defending like this, The Heat or Spurs would have had 150 on them today

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Wroten, steal of the draft,

Wroten, steal of the draft, no doubt. Parson dominated, too, who was the steal of his draft class.

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Everyone writes him off and he has gotten 30 in back to back games. He may not be a top 15 point guard but he is definitely worth 5 to 7 million a year. He can play either guard spot and score while getting his teammates involved. He is a legitimate NBA player. He is one of my favorite players and I have loved watching him play since the beginning of Linsanity.

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- As stated, the Rockets defense is BAD and will keep them from winning a championship. No one on the perimeter plays consistently good defense and they leave it all on Dwight to cover for them.

- Tony Wroten is talented but wayyyy too inconsistent to trust to contribute nightly just yet. I see him averaging about 10-5-5 for the year though. The real challenge will come once teams have enough tape on him, and how he will adapt is the key.

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