Notes from LeBron James Camp

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Notes from LeBron James Camp

One of my AAU teammates is at this camp and this is what he has had to say so far

Anthony Davis has gotten bigger by at least 10 pounds(thats not saying awhole lot since he wasn'ty big to begin with but every pound helps) and he has been killing as far as scoring,Rebounding,Blocking shots and running the floor. He says all the players and coach's have been very impressed with Davis

Micheal Gilchrist has looked like a NBA player out there with his Basketball IQ,Athletic ability and all around game

T.Robinson is a Man child. Strong body, nice mid range, very athletic and hard worker

He said theres a big White kid with bounce midrange and goes hard, I'm guessing he is talking about Mitch Mcgary

He said theres a light skin kid who is a under classman that looks like one of the best players out there, Says he is athletic, good handles, nice jumper. not sure who that is.

Said a couple of other things about some other players but he doesn't know the names of them, just the one's that he has heard about all sumer. I'm pretty sure this site or ESPN will be able to fill in the blanks and have more detailed info by tonight/tommorrow

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Thomas Robinson

T-Rob is a beast! The dude is built like a solider and plays like one.

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I hope for t-rob

Seems like T-Rob is killing it at all camps, I really hope he is an All-American and has a problem free season. With all the problems last season, deaths, surgery I wish him nothing but sucess. With the Morris bros gone he could very well lead the NCAA's in rebounding the way he goes after it.

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so who dunked on him this

so who dunked on him this year?

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