Notable prospects to go undrafted

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Notable prospects to go undrafted

Which prospect will surprise you the most if he goes undrafted next week?

*It’s bound to happen*

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Carr, Graham and Carter. They are always in the 2nd rd and we know some no name Euros will get some of the spots.

Someone no one has mentioned is Bonzie Colson. Yes, he is a senior, short for his position and has had 2 major injuries in the last year. For those reasons I don’t see anyway he gets drafted, but after a year or two overseas or in the G league... he could be a NBA bench player.

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I agree with Carr. It's sad

I agree with Carr. It's sad his stock as fallen off astronomically since he declared. Was once considered a top 15 pick. Should've stayed in school since Penn State were definitely a tourney team if he returned.

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Colson averaged 20 and 10 on

Colson averaged 20 and 10 on 55% shooting with 2 blocks and 2 steals. He makes his free throws, can shoot threes and competes. I gaurantee he has a better NBA career then most guys in this draft and really want my Raps to buy a 2nd rounder for him.

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Brandon McCoy maybe? Don’t

Brandon McCoy maybe? Don’t get me wrong I think he will likely get picked at some point but he’s not really what most teams are looking for in a center right now.

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