Not the Upside, The Downside!

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Not the Upside, The Downside!

What players need to work on:

Blake Griffin-Lack of consistent jump shot
Ricky Rubio-Expirience, Speed and Shooting Range.
Hasheem Thabeet-Very Limited Offensively, needs to add post moves.
James Harden-Tends to be the sidekick, not the leader. Lacks 3-point consistency.
Brandon Jennings-Unknown talents, Too flashy.
Jordan Hill-Expirience.
Earl Clark-Better field goal percentage. Add muscle.
Stephen Curry: Needs more exposure, more experience running the point.

Can you add more?

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Adding on

Ty Lawson: Learning play half court game, and getting consistence mid range game.
B.J Mullins: Learning the game period, and knowing how use his body.
Gerald Henderson: Keep his range improving, and making sure he continues his play from the 2nd half of last season.

Theres 3 someone elese turn.

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This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting post, with a great point in the process of making it. I disagree that Curry needs exposure, he needs to consistently play against better competition instead.

Demar DeRozan: Tighter handle, needs a jump shot, ability to create for himself, passive mindset
Tyreke Evans: Clearly needs a jump shot, could learn to be more of a true point, rely less on his strength
Jonny Flynn: Playing outside of a zone defense he needs to learn more man to man, lack of consistent jump shot

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Nice topic...

I like this topic...

I'll go with Thabeet (already said, I know) - needs to become more fluid and less clumsy (if possible)

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Nice post

Chase Budinger-get a haircut, improve footwork on defense
Steph Curry-bulk up a little more, be more selective with shots
James Johnson-get a 3 point shot, grow an inch to play the 4 or get quicker to play the 3
Jeff Teague-become more consistent, improve vision and passing skills
Gani Lawal- be more consistent, bulk up, improve free throw shooting

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Seems like a Mean post, but....

I'm not going to fight it lol.

Sam Young - Be less robotic with his handle and more consistent with his shot
Heytvelt - Stop smoking pot? bit harsh I know.
Hansbrough - Grow longer arms

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johnny flynn

i would add shot selection to his needed areas of improvement. In the few games i saw last year, it always looked as if he was forcing his shots

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Nice topic

Nice topic

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Role players...

Role players that need some work..

T. Williams --> mid range jumper, long range jumper

J. Adrien --> 15 ft jumper (could be one of the steals in this draft ala carl landry/ paul millsap)

D. Summer --> confidence and basketball iq

D. James --> handled and mid/long range jumper (in the right system could be a shawn marion type)

* just a thought doesn't everyone entering the nba need to work on their jumper and only when u get to the nba do u really have the oppurtunity to work on ur jumper. so for players like t. evans, t. williams, e. clark and j. harden who are lacking jumpers right now i wouldn't be scared to look past that and focus on the talent level they already have.

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one of the more..

obvious players that needs improvement id Dejuan Blair. His lack of size just kills him, he had a few more inches he'd be a dominant power forward in the league.

and somebody before said that james harden tends to be a sidekick.. ??? he was ASU's leading scorer his first two years there and was POY in the pac ten. i dont think that is a big worry for scouts or harden himself. but he could improve on his shot somewhat.

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Alex Ruoff - Get Drafted

Alex Ruoff - Get Drafted

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Ricky Rubios speed is so

Ricky Rubios speed is so underrated its net even funny he cant jump out of the gym although he can dunk but hes quick

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