Not looking goid for Aquille Carr

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Not looking goid for Aquille Carr

"The other site" said this at Euro camp day three

Aquille Carr
Carr struggled mightily this week, ultimately missing day three to return to head to China for a promotional tour. A 5'5.5, 144-pound guard, the 19 year old's lack of experience played against him here, as he didn't look prepared to compete in this setting. With many teams trying to understand the decision-making process that landed him here, Carr didn't help the cause of future Americans who opt to follow his path and attend the EuroCamp in the face of eligibility concerns, as he didn't seem to appreciate the potentially life changing opportunity he was presented with. Appearing out of shape and struggling with his confidence and body language, a normally very positive NBA scout could only muster a, “this guy stinks” after Carr struggled to score from the inside and outside amid questionable decisions with the ball on day two. Carr's dreams of securing a massive six-figure offer in Europe came crashing down to earth here, as it was very evident that he's barely prepared to even help a D-League squad at this juncture. Its going to be very interesting to see what the next step is for Carr, as he's in a fairly precarious situation as things stand. He'll have to find a team that is willing to put a lot of work in with him, which is seemingly exactly what the American college basketball system is designed for. 

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I said it when he declared he was leaving college basketball

Biggest mistake of his life, could of worked on his game in a proper setting and earned a degree while at it...

Could have improved his game to the point scouts viewed him as a true NBA prospect and actually made a NBA roster one day ala Earl Boykins or Nate Robinson

Instead he thought about the money and prospect of stealing a spot from a European role player and Im sure he thought he would blow up over there and win the admiration of the NBA in the meantime, well that's going to be harder now that he's probably proving critics RIGHT about the skipping college for the potential of making money overseas argument...

A sub 5'10 ball hog with NO fundementals will have a hard time making it at any level of Basketball, AAU games and Mixtape hype can only take you so far, another example of why kids need the right advice and mentoring at the H.S level

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Cant be serious

You cant be serious stealing a spot from a european rotation player lol, like thats not what some eurpeans players are diong right now in the NBA and have been doing for years. Get out of here hes supporting his family and was probally never going to be eligible to play in college. In touring around the world and playing in a legends game to me he doing what he needs too

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Its really not his size

Its really not his size holding him back, enough guys have made it in the NBA who are that short for us all to know it can be done, especially with such off the charts athleticism. Heck, Mugsy was 5'3", but the common thread that Mugsy, Nate Robinson, Earl Boykins and Isaiah Thomas all share is that they are ferociously hard workers and always played like they had something to prove. Aquille Carr has just had his buttt kissed his entire high school career. Kind of a product of the twitter era. Nate Robinson played at Rainier Beach and was overshadowed by the Stewart Twins and was originally on a football scholarship. He was a walk on to the basketball team. not many people knew about Thomas outside of Washington and his prep league. Carr was featured on CNN and all that. Pretty simple, probably all went to his head. I get that going to get paid overseas seemed logical, dude is from east Balt, and has a daughter. But showing up out of shape? You gotta be kidding me. he will probably stick in Europe, he has quite a following over there, but I dont consider him an NBA prospect at this point anyway. Heck, He is almost 20.

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college wasn't an option, he didn't leave college

He's still going to make more money playing basketball than anyone posting here ever did, so I can't classify it a mistake. He's supporting his family , playing a game. That's never a mistake.

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