Not great but intriging

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Not great but intriging

I know some people are calling this 1 of the worst drafts ever but there's mad story-lines and lots of indecision. Picks 2-10 are totally up-in-the-air and they're more predraft trade rumors than i can remember. A lot of sh*t will go down before next thursday and i fully expect a few teams to move in the top-10 with all-stars being moved. I don't care what they say about this draft i can't wait to watch it in 5 days!!!!!

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Yea, should be good stuff. Predictably Unpredictable

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No doubt

It being a suspect draft is going to make teams pull the trigger on some deals.

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GMs always start out saying

GMs always start out saying a draft sux, and people expect there to be a ton of deals. But it rarely turns out that way, eventually they fall in love with some player and don't want to trade their pick, especially for next to nothing, which is all anyone is offering because the draft supposedly sux.

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