Northwesterns Kevin Coble is not returning next year their chance at history is now basically over

Coble is not returning since he has not recovered from his foot injury

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That's sad. I remember

That's sad. I remember hearing his mom had cancer 2 years ago it was I believe.

But they have Mike Thompson returning and Shurna provides all the exact same things Coble does, so it's not like they have no hope. They should be an NIT team next year at best, and that would've been my prediction even if Coble returned.

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yeah they have Juice Thompson

yeah they have Juice Thompson Big ten rookie of the year Crawford and Shurna but without Coble it will be very tough and yeah his mom did have cancer two years ago

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ive seen him play several times he is to good not to play an they had a legit chances to make the tournament if he were to play this is disappointing

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That's a shame. He's a very

That's a shame. He's a very good player, I always saw him as a poor man's Kyle Singler. Hope he gets back up

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