The non-contenders rule - by Bill Simmons

I am reading this article and this is the part I can't agree more.

What's really confusing: Over the past few years, didn't the Thunder's Sam Presti show everyone how to run a small-market team? Build through the lottery; keep your cap space (so you can swing cap-related deals during the season that net you extra draft picks); avoid paying market price for veteran starters who aren't All-Stars; don't overpay your own guys if they aren't building blocks. And the thing is, John Hammond KNEW the blueprint. He was using it these past two years! So what made him go Maggette/Gooden/Salmons on us? Do NBA GMs just slowly lose their minds? Is it like when you go on Amazon to buy one book and end up with two Blu-rays as well, and even as you're paying for it, you're saying, "What's happening right now; why am I buying these?"

Looking at the Raptors situation, they definitely need to rebuild the Raptors the Sam Presti's way.

I am not sure if BC is up for the job. He looks more like John Hammond (start with rebuild with youth then try to speed up by overpaying vet role players) than Sam Presti though.

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so what do you not agree

so what do you not agree with?.....

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I can't agree more = I agree

I can't agree more = I agree what he said

Anyway, looks like Bill Simmons could be a good GM.

The Raptors should just let BC go and sign Bill Simmons. At least, we can call him BS if he makes mistake.

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Bill Simmons has the greatest

Bill Simmons has the greatest basketball mind in the world.

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Its crazy how patient Presti

Its crazy how patient Presti has been constructing OKC. His only real mistake thus far is bailing on that Tyson Chandler deal because of a "bad toe". Presti seems to have learned from that mistake and signed Perkins (knee injury and all) who is a nice Defensive center but he's no Chandler. Chandler just runs the floor so much better and I firmly believe his defense is just as good. OKC could have had Chandler and still kept Green this season.

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bill simons is entertaining

bill simons is entertaining as a writer and as a sports fan, i love reading his stuff. But he says dumb stuff all the time. If you think he is the smartest basketball mind in the world then god help you.

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