nogueira contract extension

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nogueira contract extension

OFFICIAL: Lucas Nogueira extended his contract with Asefa Estudiantes till June 2015
according to sportando

does anybody know how much is the buyout ?...
does it mean he has a promise in the mid 1st round (strange to announce that 12H before the draft) ?
could he fall out of the 20's ?

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He has lottery potential, I

He has lottery potential, I don't see why he'd do this, if it's to get more money out of a buyout then that's pretty lame.

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The article didn't seem to

The article didn't seem to say much. I don't know how the league he's in works, but is it possible that the team had an option to extend his deal? If the team did have an option then that makes perfect sense since it would likely increase the amount they'd get in a buyout.

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The Thunder would probably be

The Thunder would probably be interested, I think he go could as high as 12 now, since there looking for a draft and stash player. But if he falls past the Thunder I think he drops to the 20's.

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