Noah Vonleh

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Noah Vonleh

I love the potential on this kid. His upside is tremendous. If he can work on his handle and post moves look out. He's a legit 6'10 with a filled out body. He reminds me of a smaller unrefined Kevin Garnett. I'm pretty sure he won't reach Kevin's accolades but he can carve out a nice career if he puts in the work. His athleticism and size are rare and I hope he can make the best of his abilities.

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i really like his game, but i

i really like his game, but i think he's a mid to late lotto pick. his post game needs some serious work, but his jumper is pretty smooth. would've liked to see him take over a few games offensively (never scored over 20 in a game) and take more shots (7 per game).

it's hard for me to see him as a kg, considering how much of an offensive beast kg was in his prime. at worst, i think the rebounding and hustle will always be there with stretch abilities. i think at best, he could be a serge ibaka (obviously, not as good a shot blocker as serge) and at worst, a derrick favors (with a jumper).

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He has bust all over his

He has bust all over his forehead. He will end up having a Thomas Robinson type career

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How do you know how Robinsons

How do you know how Robinsons career will pan out?

People are way to critical with players on rookie contracts. Waiters is bashed all the time which for sure wouldn't be the reason if he would have been drafted a few spots below. Thomas Robinson will be fine. The last couple of games where Aldridge was out he earned himself some minutes and most importantly looked way more confident.

Vonleh already has a really nice body at this stage and with his skillset he will be very good. A team in need for more of a bruiser and rebounder might fell for Randle instead but in the right situation he will do great.

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T-Rob backs up a top 3 PF and

Agreed, T-Rob backs up a top 3 PF and post ASG puts up 6.4 on 54% shooting and 5.7 rpg in only 15 mpg for a playoff team. He's improved a lot since last season.

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Waaaaaaaay back - he reminds me of Otis Thorpe - but I'd still put my money down on Randle - who, contrary to the current mock, is going to be very, very good

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I think he was so underrated

I think he was so underrated that he has now become somewhat overrated for some people. I'm curious how tall he really is because I'm not sure he is a legit 6'10.

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Another year of school would

Another year of school would benefit him greatly but playing with Yogi Ferrell as your POINT guard would make me leave early too.

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Thomas Robinson will likely

Thomas Robinson will likely develop into a very good PF backing up Aldridge. As soon as he went to Sacramento I got extremely upset because any prospect going to that organization was pretty much doomed. Those Maloofs maybe just as misunderstood as "Boogie Smooth" Cousins.

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