Noah Vonleh

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Noah Vonleh

I wanted to make a post about Indiana commit Noah Vonleh. I think this kid is gonna be really good. He reminds me so much of wiggins (not as good) but his game looks a lot like his. With zeller and oladipo off to the NBA i feel as though Noah will make a huge splash in college hoops next year

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He is more of a 4. Wiggins is

He is more of a 4. Wiggins is more of a 2 or 3. Noah is a versatile face up post man.

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Vonleh reminds me of Terrence

Vonleh reminds me of Terrence Jones, coming out of high school. Very different from Wiggins, I dont know how you can see that.

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His body and movement looks

His body and movement looks similar to Marvin Williams.

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He does, but I think Vonleh

He does, but I think Vonleh plays with more aggressiveness than Marvin, especially around the paint area.
He plays with more energy overall as well. Marvin, although talented, seemed content to just blend in. I wonder how he would've turned out if he came back a yr and played a more featured role

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I see him filling the

Christian Watford spot in the Indiana attack. You will want him to play more inside, but he continues to shoot from the perimeter. I think he is a more natural 4 than Watford, though. Can't wait to see him with Yogi to see where he likes the ball.

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It's going to be fun watching

It's going to be fun watching Indiana next year with Noah Vonleh and Troy Williams coming in, both amazing athletes.

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