No clear cut #1 pick in 2013

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No clear cut #1 pick in 2013

With it not being a clear cut #1 overall pick this year I would like to know is it possible for Marcus Smart to become the #1 overall pick this year if not why?

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This year is great, there are

This year is great, there are a stack of guys who could go no1 :)

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i dont think

I dont think marcus smart can go number one but he can go top 5 for sure, he doesn't possess elite athleticism and his position s questionable at the next level.Hes a very smart player that can be a quality due to his feel of the game but he wont be the guy you can build around. i feel that in the end it will be a two man race between shabazz or noel and zeller will go right after but i could be wrong.

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I look at the #1 pick like I

I look at the #1 pick like I look at the 2012's draft from 2-7. Everyone of those guys could have went in any of those spots, but it came down to the teams needs, I think the 2013 draft will be the same way from 1-5.

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