Nikola Pekovic: Go on take the money and run.

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Nikola Pekovic: Go on take the money and run.

Has anyone else noticed how awful Nikola Pekovic is playing so far this season? Has he always been this bad, or is his fat new contract making him play so terribly? As a fan it would be nice if every year were a contract year...

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Really, the only thing he's down on is his FG % (and therefore his scoring). His rebounding has actually increased this year by 3 per game, and the rest of his stats are pretty close to his career averages. I think he'll get going again- the team is still trying to get used to playing with each other (Love, Rubio, and Pek played 15 MINUTES together all last year), and they're still trying to integrate their new pieces in Brew and Martin. Pek will be fine; I'd still take him over most centers in the L. Despite the pay raise, he's still one of the best kept secrets in the NBA

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Give him a break.. It's 5

Give him a break.. It's 5 games into the season on a team that has changed a lot of pieces around, there isn't a stronger/more physical C in the league, once he gets more comfortable with everyone on the floor his production will pick up.

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Be grateful...A lot of teams

Be grateful...A lot of teams would love to have him...

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I agree with Bajeebz

I think Pek has really been underperforming to this point. Yes, it is "only 5 games", and maybe he will turn it around, but I don't think you can argue that SO FAR Pek has been struggling. Probably it is due, in part, to not playing much this past summer because his agent did not want him to get injured while they were in contract negotiations, also probably due to getting used to playing with Love, Rubio, and the new faces.

Am I the only person that Pek frustrates by refusing to dunk, and having his little layup shot either roll off the rim, or get blocked? C'mon Pek, you are 6'11" and stronger than anyone not in the NFL, dunk the damn ball. Sorry, I digress.

As far as being a bargain at 12M per, I don't think Pek is all that much of a bargain. Pek is relatively slow footed, and earthbound, so he doesn't cover a lot of ground, or block shots well. Pek's main attraction is that he is a great screener, gets good low post position (but doesn't finish all that well), and draws fouls. Is a good player? Sure. Is he a 12M per year player? No so sure.

The Wolve's would be better off with a long, defensive minded center given what they already have on this team.

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I am not saying they should

I am not saying they should do this, a player like JaVale McGee would be a better fit than Pek because he compliments Kevin Love better and he would be great if he had rubio as a point guard getting him the ball.

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