Nike Hoop Summit Recap

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Nike Hoop Summit Recap

This year's Nike Hoop Summit turned out to be a great game as the World Team came up with the victory fair and square. Livio Jean-Charles, Sergey Karasev and Dennis Schröder all improved their draft stocks for this year's draft. Mouhammadou Jaiteh I would say did as well especially after being measured 6'11 but I think he should at least wait another year before he comes out. Andrew Wiggins didn't play as impressive as he did in last year's game but he was definitely the best player on both teams in the game. Team USA was a younger team than the World but still failed to take the lead other than after the first basket of the game.

World Team:

Andrew Wiggins: Had to share the ball with Livio Jean-Charles but still scored in double digits and had a few great dunks. His play in the clutch really gave the World Team the advantage to keep the lead. His athleticism no doubt is the most we have seen from a high school player in a long time. I learned last year that you can never guarantee a high school player being a lock as a Top 5 pick for the next year's draft after how high I was on Shabazz last year. As Wiggins has already received all these high expectations without playing a college game yet, as of right now I can not see any player in the world going #1 in the 2014 Draft other than Andrew Wiggins.

Livio Jean-Charles: Led all players in the game with 27 points. This guy really knows how to play the game of basketball and could probably play both SF and PF in the NBA. Despite being the second oldest player in the game, he looked very impressive playing against our top high school seniors. Jean-Charles still has yet to declare for this upcoming draft but it would be very smart of him to do so after his performance today, especially in this year's projected "below average" class.

Dennis Schröder: Really impressed me after never even hearing of this guy until his name was put on the roster. He apparently did not play for Germany in 2010 FIBA U17 World Championships for who knows what reason but he really made a name for himself in this game. He did have an advantage being the oldest player in the game but I don't think it mattered that much. Really quick and has good court vision but he can be a little out of control at times. Reminds me of Marquis Teague which I don't think is a bad thing at all. With the fact that he has already declared for the upcoming draft, he really raised his draft stock in this weak PG class led by Trey Burke, MCW and CJ McCollum.

Dante Exum: He did not start in this game but he played very impressive in his time on the court. Even though he could play college ball this upcoming season if he wanted to, he has made the decision to play prep school ball in the states next year before he picks a college. Which ever college lands Exum will be very lucky. Should definitely be a Top 5 player in the 2014 Senior class along with Okafor, Jones and his World teammate Towns. As of right now I am projecting Exum to be a lottery pick at the leastt for the 2015 draft. Him and Ben Simmons will make Australia a powerful team in the future.

Sergey Karasev: This guy has experience playing with NBA players as he represented Russia the 2012 London Olympics. He probably took great advice from Andrei Kilerinko and Alexy Sheved. He was a force for the World roster. I like his slashing ability and should go somewhere between the middle of first round to the early second in this upcoming draft

Karl Towns: As a Junior and High School, this guy already has experience playing with and against NBA players somewhat. As he barely played for the Dominican National Team as a 16-year old, he played behind Al Horford and even got to play about 5 minutes last summer against Team USA's Olympic Team where he guarded Anthony Davis. Tonight he played great with the World Team's loaded frontcourt. I really like his game and my favorite part of his was that give and go play with Wiggins where he got that and-one. I really like his game as a powerful down low player who can even shoot from the outside. As a huge Kentucky fan I am very excited to have him as a part of Big Blue Nation in 2014.

Mouhammadou Jaiteh: He started the game and scored quite a few times as I learned that he has a strong rebounding ability. Him being measured 6'11 instead of 6'9 really helps his draft stock. Unless Giannis Adetokoubo declares, Jaiteh will be the youngest player in this upcoming draft. I see potential
in his game but he should take his name out the draft before it's too late because he is not ready and he probably won't be drafted anything higher than a late first round pick at the earliest but I see him more as a second round pick.

Joel Embiid- Got limited minutes with the loaded frontcourt but I was expecting a lot more from Embiid. He is very new to the sport and this year was only his second season playing organized ball. Was really expecting more after his impressive performance in the Jordan Brand Classic last week but he is still very raw.

Team USA:

Jabari Parker: Had somewhat of a disappointing senior season after coming back from the injury and losing his long time #1 spot in the 2013 class after Wiggins reclassified. But Jabari Parker impressed me this game, love his triple threat ability which reminds me of Carmelo Anthony's. Did miss a lot of shots but he had that run at the end of the game after it was already too late for Team USA. I expect him to right away be the team leader at Duke this fall.

Julius Randle: Like Parker, Randle spent a lot of his senior season recovering from an injury, but he is definitely 100% now. Randle impressed me more than anybody else on Team USA. His 19 points and 8 boards contributed a lot for the USA. He reminds me of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in a way when he attacks the basket. He is a monster when he plays in the post and he is for sure Calipari's best PF since Anthony Davis. That just shows how loaded this 2013 Senior class is when a beast like Julius Randle is neither the first or second ranked prospect. Because I would have ranked him higher than both Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Muhammad if he was a part of the 2012 class.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson: Played great in his action for the Americans off the bench. He can shoot, attack the basket and I love his defensive game. Was one of the bigger factors for Team USA especially during his performance during the 3rd quarter. His athletic ability alone is insane along with the fact that he is very coordinated with the game. Him, Aaron Gordon and Brandon Ashley will give way more than enough at the forward sports for the Arizona Wildcats this next season.

Aaron Gordon: Most of his points come from dunks and he probably thinks he will be playing a lot of SF at Arizona next year but he will for sure play more PF. Surprisingly he even has some good ball handling abilities. No doubt about it he has some unique talent but the one thing that could hurt his draft stock next year or the year after is the fact that he doesn't have a true position as of right now with him being undersized for a PF and not quite there yet with his outside game to play SF. He also missed a lot of easy layups which really hurt Team USA this game.

Andrew Harrison: Really outplayed his brother Aaron as he received a lot more playing time. For him mainly being a PG he played aggressive at the SG spot. However he most likely will be a full time PG under John Calipari's offense next year at Kentucky.

Bobby Portis: Impressed me with his post moves in the first half as he got quite a few baskets at the beginning of the game. Of course he was going to get limited action playing behind Randle and Gordon but he impressed me during his time on the court. I doubt he will be a one and done next year but he could potentially be a lottery pick some time down the road.

Noah Vonleh: I have been a big fan of his game since I first heard of him last summer. I have barely seen him play live since he got limited action in all 3 the McDonalds Game, The Jordan Brand Classic and in this year's Hoop Summit. I don't really find it being a coincidence that he got limited action from three different coaches. I get the fact that it doesn't matter how much you play in high school all star games but I think if he was really that big of a factor for Team USA, he would have been out there more no matter who was coaching that team. I know this guy can flat out play with his athleticism, his long arms and his outside game but him getting limited action in all three of the games along with the fact that he didn't contribute even when he was in the game, could potentially show a sign of him not having the season we expect from him this fall with he comes to Indiana

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Good recap

The key of the game, imho, was under the glass: Team Usa was outrebounded 50-35 and the World took too many second shots. USA every year have too many SF but few true PF and C.
Jabari impressed me. He missed shots but this things happen, he has a true motor, this is important. He will be a good player at every level. Good game from Randle and Andrew Harrison
I knew Livio Jean Charles and in this game he is a surprise: in Europe i saw him and never impressed so much. I think he will be good even for NBA level but not "so good".
This was a very talented US Team and It 'is a little surprise that the world has won so widely... but as i said i think the only true "hole" for US is in big men. Talent is there and Jabari, Julius etc will have a very good NBA impact.

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People are kinda sleeping on joel embiid. Dont forget, he has only been playing bball for like 3 years and is already an elite prospect. Kansas is good at getying these under the radar prospects then developing them into nba pros. He has one and done, top 15 pick potential. Just study him closer, he has a very very high upside.

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He's being "slept on" because

He's being "slept on" because he's only arrived recently to the game. One and done is a bit much because he's so freaking raw, but then again Steven Adams declared this yr and I'd take him top 10 as well. What surprised me the most about his game was his FT stroke. Very solid.

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Dante Exum far exceeded my

Dante Exum far exceeded my expectations in this game. Great on both ends of the floor, has a REALLY quick first step, and was hitting his jumpers - has decent mechanics, good elevation - just needs more consistency. Australian basketball has a bright future.

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yeah that Exum kid was good,

yeah that Exum kid was good, and Dennis Schröder:reminds me of Rondo

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I know it's silly, but

I know it's silly, but "Jean-Charles" is the first name, and "Livio" the surname. Everyone calls him "Livio Jean-Charles" as in "Kidd Gilchrist Michael".

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No his first name is really

No his first name is really Livio and his surname is Jean-Charles, even if it's a first name too in France. A lot of french people from West Indies have this kind of surname like the soccer french player Kevin Théophile-Catherine, or the other Pro A player Jean-Baptiste Adolphe-Michel etc.

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