Nick Young Value

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Nick Young Value

I know this is a really random thread considering one of the deepest drafts in recent history is tonight, but what do y'all think is Nick Young's value as a player? I know it's pretty hard to take him seriously because of all his antics and this "swaggy P" nonsense, but the guy can play. Though he does not contribute much else other than scoring, the kid gets buckets. He is a volume scorer, but I can really see him as being a Jamal Crawford type of player on a contending team. He can score on pretty much anyone, and can bring a lot of energy to a team.

He had shot nearly 44% from the field on 17.9 ppg this year. I think he can be a 6th man of the year award candidate year in and year out because of his scoring prowess. What do you guys think?

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