Nick Young

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Nick Young

I love Nick Young's game!! He can score with anyone in the NBA!! Hes so underrated in the NBA its not even funny! What do you guys think of his game And With Nick becoming a free agent where do you think he will land?

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I'm not a fan of 41% Scorers,

I'm not a fan of 41% Scorers, who can't play defense, pass, or rebound. Not to mention he's had injury problems his entire career. I thought he had a lot of potential back when he played for the Wizards but it never turned into anything. He's a decent sixth man though.

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He's a chucker that doesn't

He's a chucker that doesn't do anything else.

I'll pass, thanks. Everyone knows efficiency is the name of the game in today's NBA.

Young is a good spark plug if your offense is stuck in a rut, but other than that, he's not good at much else.

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He has great natural born

He has great natural born skills and scoring ability, but he isnt smart and does nothing else except look to score.

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Are you Nick Young?

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If you love Nick Young's game

If you love Nick Young's game you must really love JR Smith's game...

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Has a lot of talent, but he

Has a lot of talent, but he is the definition of one of those players who when he's hot u leave him on the floor, but if he's cold then u take him right out the game. He hasn't done much since he entered the NBA in terms of developing a complete game. And don't get me started on his defense. BUT, the kid has a smooth offensive game and can occasionally get hot and hit crazy shots. I'd compare him to a poor man's JR SMith

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Use to play ball with him at

Use to play ball with him at Robertson Park in West LA when we were kids, he was very humble and hungry back then. You look at him now you can't take his serious, playful, goofy and just want to shot etc. I think he reached his max poetinal

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