Nicest jump shot in the NBA

Who has the nicest jump shot in the NBA? What about fade aways or maybe post turnaround jumps shots? Any form of jump shooting. Give a top 5, a list or something because I think top in a lot of peoples' minds is Ray Allen.

Anyways for me Ray Allen has the nicest stroke in the NBA. Other's with great form in my opinion are OJ Mayo, Rip hamilton, Reddick, Kapono. I'm not a big fan of Kobe's jump shot but his fade aways and post shots are pretty darn good to watch.

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Cool post

Kapono doesn't really have a good looking shot, but saying Kobe's is not good is uh idiotic... Ur opinion... Top 5 for me 5 Peja old school nice form, release, shots it the same way everytime, his fades are nice everything about shooting is nice with this guy 4 Reggie Miller? Or current only? If not then Dwade nice shot fades are beautiful 3 Kobe obviously one of the nicest shots in the NBA if u want to learn how to shoot watch this guy it's helpful to mimic and learn dropping it like him is different 2 Ray Allen. Steph Curry got a fast shot? Have u not seen this guy shoot before? 1Shawn Marion! jk personally just like Tmac's 13 in whatever secs crazy

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5. Mo Williams 4. Stephen

5. Mo Williams
4. Stephen Curry
3. OJ Mayo
2. Carmelo Anthony
1. Walter Ray Allen

Gets No Better Than That Top 5

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I think Kapono's shot is

I think Kapono's shot is quite nice maybe it's just the quick release?
I meant Kobe's set shot I dunno I always thought it was kinda slow and while textbook wasn't my fav for some reason but yea him shooting off the dribble and those fade aways from the post are fantastic.
Damn I forgot about Steph Curry haha that kid has a sweet looking jumper no doubt about it.
I'm talking any time but sad to say I never really got to watch NBA before the 2000's so I'm not really familiar with the old guys. I'm not a fan of Miller's shot it's without a doubt effective but the form is kinda funky not a big fan. I'm talking about guys that you could sit in the gym and watch them shoot all day long.

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Steph Curry's dad, Dell, had an amazing shot, beautiful release......

That's where the young buck got it from

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