NFL WEEK 1 Predictions/Final Scores/Top Performers

Cowboys 20 Giants 28 (Top Performer: Eli Manning)

Colts 14 Bears 31 ( Top Performer: Brandon Marshall)

Eagles 26 Browns 9 ( Top Performer: LeSean McCoy)

Rams 16 Lions 31 ( Top Performer: Calvin Johnson)

Dolphins 6 Texans 23 ( Top Performer: Arian Foster)

Falcons 24 Chiefs 16 ( Top Performer: Julio Jones)

Jaguars 16 Vikings 19 ( Top Performer: Percy Harvin)

Redskins 17 Saints 33 ( Top Performer: Drew Brees)

Bills 10 Jets 15 (Top Performer: Nick Folk)

Patriots 35 Titans 20 ( Top Performer: Rob Gronkowski)

Seahawks 20 Cardinals 14 ( Top Performer: Marshawn Lynch)

49ers 17 Packers 25 ( Top Performer: Aaron Rodgers)

Panthers 28 Buccaneers 20 ( Top Performer: Steve Smith)

Steelers 21 Broncos 27 (Top Performer: Peyton Manning)

Bengals 16 Ravens 20 ( Top Performer: Ray Rice)

Chargers 26 Raiders 17 (Top Performer: Malcom Floyd)

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Lol at Nick Folk being the

Lol at Nick Folk being the top performer.

I got the 49ers beating the Packers, 49ers defense is insane and Alex Smith will have a big game!

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Marcus Thornton – Pick

Marcus Thornton – Pick originally owned by the Indiana Pacers
Over the last couple of seasons the Indiana Pacers have been searching for a guard who can create his own shots and provide instant offense off of the bench. Unfortunately for them, they owned a pick that turned into Marcus Thornton, who fits that description perfectly. In 2007 they traded the 2009 second rounder that eventually became Thornton to the HEAT for the draft rights to Stanko Barac, who never played in the NBA.

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Once upon a time, Tracy

Once upon a time, Tracy McGrady was considered to be one of the best players in the NBA. The seven-time All-Star and two-time scoring champion seemed destined to be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Kobe Bryant, some of the most electrifying scorers in the history of the NBA, but he never quite lived up to that billing.

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John Lucas III will be

John Lucas III will be filling the same role in Toronto that he did in Chicago. Lucas will be waiting for his opportunity to play because of injuries or trades, but Casey acknowledges the veteran point guard’s skills fit with the Raptors’ style of play.mbm,gkj6

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"I mean, I've always felt

"I mean, I've always felt I've been one of the leaders of the team," Horford said. "And this year it's no different for me, I guess you can say. Josh (Smith), myself, Zaza find ourselves where we're in a position where we are the older guys. The other guys talk about who's playing, who's doing what. We can definitely can relate to that, especially some of the veterans who came from other teams but yeah you can say that."

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