Next years Kentucky Team

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Next years Kentucky Team

Next years Kentucky team could be very dangerous with the incoming recruits and the guys coming back the lofty expectations of going undefeated could possibly realized. Look at there possible lineup.

It could be Ulis or Hawkins at point assuming harrisons go pro with devin booker at the two followed by a junior Prothress and Marcus Lee and Dakari Johnson.

The key to this lineup is Dakari Johnson I think he has the potential to be a beast. A story that goes uncovered is that he was the reason possible first pick Embid transfered from their high school to get playing time and he is younger than Embid. Not saying he will be better than Embid but a kid talented enough to keep the possible top pick in the draft on the bench just a few years ago is impressive. Add in the bench depth of Lyles, Towns, who need more seasoning to be starters in my opinion and Kentucky is dangerous not to mention that more guys possibly return an extra year.

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I'm pretty sure we can make

I'm pretty sure we can make this statement every year while John Calipari is head coach at Kentucky. They will always have the talent to be potentially dangerous. The team just has to come together like this years team.

I really like Ulis and could be a guy there for 4 years. Think he can be a guy that goes to multiple final 4s because A) Kentucky will be there if Cal is, B) not sure he will have high draft stock at his size to turn pro quickly and C) he can be that PG that Kentucky never has setting up all the talent around him.

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IDK i see a lot of star

IDK i see a lot of star talent from Karl Towns, if Cal plays his strengths and teaches to be a true bigman, I believe he not only be a starter but might be a leader of the next years team

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Insiders for UK belive Twins

Insiders for UK belive Twins coming back. If they do its all the difference between a top 5 team.

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In Aaron's case this is not

In Aaron's case this is not an Archie Goodwin type of year/decision, he has his stock at its peak to where I see a Top 15 selection. Now Andrew on the other hand could use another year but we already knew they both were a package deal coming and going.

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Honestly, I don't think

Honestly, I don't think Kentucky will be THAT good next year if the Harrison twins go pro.

With every game they win in this tourney, the liklihood of any of the key contributers coming back goes down.

Kentucky has been phenomenal in this tournament, and I'm not trying to take anything away from Calipari.

I just don't think that class next year is that good. Every time I have seen Karl Towns play, I am underwelmed. Ulis is a very exciting player, but he's also 5'8 and isn't going to be a star as a freshmen.

And don't get me wrong, if the Harrison twins and Poythress are back next year, as well as Dakari Johnson and Lee, There is no doubt that's a top team in the nation. But if they lose the twins and/or Poythress, I think they slide down a bit.

On a slightly unrelated note, if Parker comes back and Duke doesn't win the title next year, Coach K should retire.

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UNC, UK, Duke should all be

UNC, UK, Duke should all be very dangerous next season. Should be a fun one.

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Trey Lyles is a great player.

Trey Lyles is a great player. I'd be shocked if he came off the bench once the tournament comes around. Granted, Poythress will be an upperclassman with a leadership role. But Cal always plays talent over seniority.

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Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee,

Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee, Trey Lyles and Karl Towns will be the best frontcourt in the country next season. No one is going to have that much talent and depth. Poythress adding to his perimeter game would help them a lot. If Young/Harrison's leave they won't be returning much there so the possibility of a Jr. Poythress playing on the wing would benefit them a lot. Ulis and Booker will be solid if not better.This year it's been super freshman dominated obviously but they'll actually have a little experience next year. It will help them having guys with championship experience back next year (unless they all leave and make this post worthless).

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Harrisons, Randle. WCS,

Harrisons, Randle. WCS, Poythress and one of Dakari/Lee all look gone to me.

UK is tough cover because the Harrisons are too strong and tall for most guards, Randle is Randle and multiple 7 ff'ers to clean up the boards. 2 of those advantages will be gone and not sure that recruiting class can make up the difference.

I see the preseason rankings being

Duke-Arizona-Kansas-Michigan-Wisconsin-UNC-UK-San Diego St- Villanova-Syracuse-Florida

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Dakari Johnson has had a good

Dakari Johnson has had a good NCAA tournament and players of his size will always be highly rated draft prospects, could he throw his hat into the draft mix I wonder.

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Young, Randle and WCS are all

Young, Randle and WCS are all gone. One of the Harrisons might go. Everyone else is staying put.

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1 goes so does the other.

1 goes so does the other. Both are a package deal regardless.

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