In The Next Few Years College Point Guards Are In Jeopardy Of Not Having A Starting Job

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In The Next Few Years College Point Guards Are In Jeopardy Of Not Having A Starting Job

With the amount of "franchise" type point guards in the NBA, already cemented as starters for their respective teams, future stud point guards coming out of college,will have to become bench players or few starting point guards in the NBA, but have to come off the bench...Marcus Smart for example, is coming out in 2014 NBA draft, but almost every team have their point guards of the future already...The only team he could go to and start, is perhaps the Magic, Lakers, and maybe the Bucks, if Brandon Knight doesn't workout as starting lead guard. So that's only 3 teams now in the NBA, that could go for a young franchise changing point guard, what will happen 3 years from now? A lot of stud college point guards will have to come off the bench

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Damian Lillard ?

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Why did you put Damian Lillard? The point I'm trying to make with Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Rondo, D-Will, John Wall, Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, J'rue Holiday, Grevais Vazquez, Michael Carter-Williams, Tony Parker, Raymond Felton, Ty Lawson, Mike Conley, and etc in the league, there isn't a lot of starting jobs available at the point guard position in the NBA...Stud point guards from college would have to be regulated as bench players

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Ray Felton isn't even his teams PG

Marcus Smart is better than about 10-15 starting PG's already. He will improve in next few years as others age. Same with Harrison, Kasey Hill, and a few others.

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Is it because incoming point

Is it because incoming point guards don't have gang ties? If they are a 'krypt' then they would be guaranteed a starting spot. Otherwise the GM may be dealt with 'gang' style.

A mere month ago this CJ McCollum lookin' fool posted this dubious post (for those of you who don't know the story):

Krypt life forever.

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I think you're giving a bit

I think you're giving a bit too much credit to guys like MCW, Raymond Felton and Vasquez. They all have major weaknesses and their teams could be upgraded with a franchise PG. Ditto guys like Kyle Lowry (who I think is in the final year of his contract), George Hill, Goran Dragic, Jeremy Lin etc. Even guys like Jose Calderon, aren't going to be good forever

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Not every team have an elite

Not every team have an elite pg...Over half the teams in the league would love to upgrade and get that superstar pg....But those players like Rose,CP3,Westbrook,Nash ,DWill,Rondo,Rubio and Irving dont come along that often....Point guard prospects like Smart,Andrew Harrison and Exum could all be top 10 draft picks next season....And its hard to say those guys wont be starters....

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I think Jrue Holiday's draft

I think Jrue Holiday's draft day deal is very telling as of how NBA teams may want to go a different direction despite having a very good player at a position.

Starting as a rookie isn't indicative of having a great career either. So what if Goran Dragic starts over a young point guard for a year or two, if they player shows potential, their not going to stick with the guy getting passed up.

Deron Williams started 47 or 80 games as a rookie
Jrue Holiday started 51 of 73
Rajon Rondo started 25 or 78
Ty Lawson started 8 of 65

coming off the bench or winning the job half way through the season isn't a new concept for young players...

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So the Bobcats definitely

So the Bobcats definitely wouldn't draft Marcus Smart because they already have Kemba Walker who has led them to so many wins.

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As long as Felton is starting

As long as Felton is starting somewhere, there will always be an opportunity for a rookie point guard to come in and start.

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Not sure I agree

I'd say 10 of those are franchise level PGs. Rondo, Rose, Westbrook, Irving, Wall, Lillard, Curry, Paul, Parker & Deron Williams. Lawson, Conley, Holiday, Jennings and a few others can play and would initially start over anyone coming in, but would probably lose their starting spot after a season.

Of those franchise players, Williams, Parker and Paul won't be around forever. Besides, only a couple of the point-guards above play for lottery bound teams. Out of the weaker teams (Philadelphia, Phoenix, Charlotte, Lakers, Sacramento & Boston) only Boston don't currently need a PG and that could easily change by the time the lottery comes round.

Top talent always finds a place.

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Besides Marcus Smart what

Besides Marcus Smart what other high level college point guards are there? Aaron Craft and Joe Jackson are solid but not franchise guys.
I think Russ Smith will be good but he needs to hone his point guard skills. Unless all the freshman point guards pan out I don't see this being
a great point guard draft class.

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The number of good to elite

The number of good to elite PGs in the NBA right now are crazy. Definitely the deepest the position has ever been. There are about 10 teams who either still have a question mark or who could upgrade the spot for more long term. Also some of the top PG prospects we'll see go top 10 have the size to not be at a disadvantage on defense playing the SG spot as well as some of the skills to be effective there. Smart at 6-4, 230 definitely has the size to hold his own. Emmanuel Mudiay, Andrew Harrison, and Dante all 6-5 or above which is plenty of height to be a SG. Dont be surprised if half or more of those players listed end up being SGs in the NBA.

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Your are right

The nba does alot of combo guards in the back court now. The Sg is getting like it was in the 80's early 90's with a one and a combo 2. Dumars, alvin robinson, derek harper brian shaw doc rivers to name a few played one and two.

Rek evans, b-roy play 1-3 at one point when they came in the league.
You can never had enough quality players regardless of position.

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There aren't a bunch of elite

There aren't a bunch of elite PGs in the NBA. There are a good amount of spots to be had by a top level young pg, some of the elites will get older and some young point guards will start out as 6th men then eventually become starts. E NBA is ever revolving and there will always be starting spots for top flight players at any position

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Don "the krypt" McCollum

Don "the krypt" McCollum never ceases to amaze me.

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I agree somewhat with OP. The

I agree somewhat with OP. The point guard position is stacked and with a bunch of guys that are considered franchise level players. Almost all of them are in their 20s as well. Sure an elite talent like Marcus Smart (who would have gone top five this year) will get drafted early by one of the few teams that wants a PG. But I would say that the competition to step in and start at PG is higher than it is at any other position. Interestingly, the weakest position in the game is right next to PG, the Shooting Guard. With Kobe, DWade, Manu, and Joe Johnson clearly on the way down. Then Eric Gordon unable to stay healthy. I'd say only Harden is a young franchise SG. I'd throw in JR Smith, K Thompson and K Mart as good starters which would make you feel like you have the position fully covered by a guy who might get better or is in his prime.

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I think I get what you're trying to say here

But perhaps it would be better phrased as "For the next 5+ years, PG's are going to be worth somewhat less due to the abundance of talent at the position around the NBA" rather than suggesting that talented players won't be able to play.

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