New to the site....Bosh trade idea?

Whats up fellas!

I ve been reading blogs on this site for two years but never posted anything...I am a avid laker fan and bball fan in general. Being a Canadian I also follow alot of the raps. Bosh is a very good player, but to me even if the raps could resign him to a long term deal I would not want him. Not because he doesnt put up the numbers, but because he doesnt win. How do you give a guy 125mil and they still wont make the playoffs or will barely sneak in. The raps are better off trading for some picks and decent players. Heres my suggestion. (ps.turkoglu is gone soon too, thank god!)

Bosh (throw in antoine wright if necessary) to Miami for

Beasley, Haslem, this years pick and 3 million cash.

The raps are owned by the ontario teachers associations as part of maple leaf sports. They dont ever want to go over the lux tax because that is an investment that teachers pension fund depends on,so thats y keeping bosh without adding other signifigant options is useless. Gms are scared of Beasley but thats why you can easily pry him from the heat. Beasley, as up and down on and off the court as hes been will improve alot (to at least 18 and 8) without wade taking shots from him and with turk on the way out he can play 3 or 4. Haslem is a great guy to have on any team even though hes undersized and with the pick they can see who falls to them or get risky and take a guy like stanley robinson (instant D) or willie warren (instant O, and a lotto pick last year).

If the raps can pull this off and get anything for turk they will be better this year than last year!!!!!!!

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