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New Mock on this site

How does Porter fall past NO and Sactown to Detroit? I could see why WAS would take Bennet. What are the reasons that he doesn't go 6 or 7?

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He won't, unlikely he falls

He won't, unlikely he falls past Washington or Phoenix not to mention NO and Sac.

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No way he falls past the pelicans he's number 1 on their board

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Don't be surprised. Wall is

Don't be surprised. Wall is pushing for a big man in Washington, and they may oblige. Phoenix has been open about wanting Sg, and will take McLemore or Oladipo. NO and Sacramento biggest needs are Sf, but today the league revolves around having a talented pg, which neither team has. I can see both teams picking up a pg and passing on Porter, leaving Detroit to once again luck up on a talent that slipped on Draft day.

As for NO, you may want to argue for Vasquez as a talented pg, but that's only if you look at the box score. He isn't as good as he seems, and his defense Is terrible. However unlike taking Burks as the mock suggests, I think they take a flyer on MCW because of his size. I doubt they trade Gordon, who would be much happier when they start winning. A Burks-Gordon backcourt is too small. Possibly trade Vasquez to pg hungry Pacers for #23 pick and get a Sf then.

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