The New Jersey Nets Have A Bright Future

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The New Jersey Nets Have A Bright Future

The Nets are setting themselves up for a bright future, with building blocks such as Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, and Courtney Lee, and by 2010 they will have a alot of salary cap relief, from trading away Vince Carter with his large contract, and Bobby Simmons, Trenton Hassell, and Tony Battie contracts will all expire...With that being said, looking at how young the Nets are heading into the 2009-2010 season, and how the Eastern Conference has been much improved, with teams like the Wizards and Raptors revamping, two teams that didn't even make the playoffs last season, has gotten significantly better, I see the Nets as a lottery team, one that will receive a top 6 pick come June 2010...In the draft they could address the need for a power forward, with an abundance of them slated to be in the 2010 NBA Draft...Depending where they pick, they can either go with Derrick Favors, Ed Davis, Greg Monroe, or etc...The only position that would be left to fill, is small forward, that's where the 2010 or 2011 free agency comes into play...I think Jay Z just might be a big enough influence for LeBron James to sign with the New Jersey Nets... (Note: LeBron was just not too long ago featured in Jay Z's Death Of Auto-Tune music video, which was directed in New York) If not LeBron, former GM of the Denver Nuggets, Kiki Vandeweghe, could persuade Carmelo Anothony to join the Nets in the 2011 free agency period...Carmelo was born in Brooklyn and he loves NYC, as much as LeBron, so I feel the Nets has a good chance to land either of them. The Nets really seem to be on the rise, I think Brook Lopez will average a double double this season and might have a chance of making the All-Star team this season, as a reserve center, for the East squad...Courtney Lee to me, is an emerging future All-Star...I think he's a more athletic Brandon Roy, in the making...With a bigger role and more extending minutes, I feel he's gonna have a breakout year and win the Most Improved Player of the Year Award for next season...And Devin Harris is already one of the better point guards in the NBA...I think he's the 5th best young point guard in the league now, after Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, and Rajon Rondo.

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Yea I'm loving their future,

Yea I'm loving their future, the knicks just can't seem to win it all so we will be the ones owning NYC, they're not too happy about that. one issue we have is coaching... whos going to be our coach? with one more bad year Lawrence Frank is gonna b fired fo sure. We may not even be a lottery team next season we have a very talented team and capable of making it to the playoffs as the 8th seed.

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they have some nice pieces. Getting Lopez at 10 and Harris for an aging Kidd were both great moves. I'm not sure I'm ready to call Lee the next Roy, but he is good and should score double digits. Assuming they have a lottery pick and plenty of money to spend, they could turn it around quick. But there are gonna be a number of teams with money to spend and if the Nets don't land an allstar, they could be in the same boat as a number of other young teams like OKC, LAC, Mem, ...etc.

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I am excited to see the

I am excited to see the growth of the youngsters this year. Hopefully Brook can make the leap everyone expects of him.. I personally see him averaging 15ppg 10 rpg especially since he has been upgraded to the second option. I really like the addition of Courtney Lee who should also see a jump in production after being burried behind 4 all-star caliber scorer's in Orlando. He shoots the ball well...attacks the rim in transition and plays solid defense, but he isn't Brandon Roy, Roy has excellent floor vision for a two guard and can run the offense as well as score. I think Terrance Williams is going to pleasantly surprise some people... imo he is a poor mans andre iguodala. His is not the top notch athlete Iggy is, but his game is similar.. potential lock down defender on the perimeter..can attack the rim and is really good passer which should take some pressure off of Devin Harris. Williams is also an excellent rebounder for a wingman which should help out the Nets who were in the bottom of the league in rebound percentage last year. If he improves his jumper I could see him starting by next year. At the 4 the Nets aren't ready to give up on YI Jianlian mainly for marketing purposes, but he still has the potential to be a decent scorer in the league considering he has legit 3pt range and can drive the ball. As for LeBron James... I dont see it....the reports from ESPN has him attempting to bate Ariza with a promise he will resign with the Cavs and even if he doesnt I think the only other team with a real chance in the Knicks. I do like your input on Melo in 2011, alot of people dont remember, but the Nets were in preliminary talks with the Nuggets about a trade prior to last season when it looked like they were blowing the team up.

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nice post

ive never really thought about Carmelo in 2011 but that would be a great fit, the key now is to figure out whats going on with Brooklyn as they have major problems drawing fans to East Rutherford(couple years ago i went to a playoff game against the Raptors and they had more fans there, toronto and NJ aint exactly neighbors) also after the season which will result in a bottom-5 record, there will be pressure from the media to fire Lawrence Frank, that would be an awful move and the front office should have patience because he is a very good coach

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Great Position

I think the Nets are in a great position. They will probably lose a lot of games, but they seem to be trying to rebuild and have some good talent to work with. The good thing is that the Nets are going to be able to give their younger guys a lot of playing time so they should all develop well. I liked the Courtney Lee pickup a lot, but it's too bad that they had to include Ryan Anderson. He bought a unique dimension to that team.

Rod Thorn will do a great job of rebuilding that team, especially if at some point soon he will be able to get the owner to open up his pockets. They should look to keep Frank on as a coach as well. He really doesn't have the talent to compete at the moment.

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Where you been Don? we missed you man haha

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I say if LBJ had to choose, he'd go to that team.
If Yi can play better then they got their starting 5 already minus LeBron.
D. Harris, Lee, LeBron, Yi, and Brook Lopez.
Throw in a versatile Terrence Williams. Keyon Dooling is pretty good, Jarvis Hayes, Edraudo Najera, and CDR are also some pretty good players. I didn't read through it all, but Rafer is also off the books after this season and his salary is around 5 million. I like how the Nets have their team, they just don't have very much depth in the frontcourt at the 5 and 4.
Josh Boone and Sean Williams aren't doing so well. Bobby Simmons, I don't know much. That's 'bout all I know on the Nets. Who knows, one more bad season = high pick = another young stud? Add a Superstar and some good talent in free agency and they're back,

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the nets

still made the most outstanding decision ever in the last few years i think when they traded the aging jason kidd for the stud devin harris

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Missing the Superstar

The Nets have assembled a nice supporting cast - Harris at PG and as the number 2 star, Lee at SG and the perimeter defender, Lopez as your low post threat and shotblocker, and a developing PF in Yi. All they need is the superstar that these players will be supporting. Problem is that's a lot harder to get. If they bank on a free agent signing, and draft a bruiser PF/C with their lottery pick in 2010, that could be a solid team for the 2010-11 season.

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