New and revolutionary style of basketball

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New and revolutionary style of basketball

Over the past week or so of watching several Laker games, I've realized something: The Lakers are revolutionizing the game. Traditionally basketball is a 5 on 5 affair where the referees try to be as objective as possible. But during the Laker games this past week, I've noticed that a new type of game we're watching. Instead of it being 5 on 5, it's 8 on 5, where the referees attempt to give one team as many free throws as possible. It's a very interesting and innovative style of play, maybe one day it'll become the norm in the game of basketball, but at least we get to test it out during Laker games during the playoffs. I'm even going to go the rec and play this style of ball with my friends. It truly is an intriguing and riveting style of play.

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you are just now noticing this.

they have been playing this style of basketball for years. If the lakers old coach Jackson thought three of his players (the extra three) weren't playing good team (his team) basketball he would whine to the league (Stern) and the problem kind of just took care of itself.

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funny as hell

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You must've missed the 2006

You must've missed the 2006 finals.

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