Nets Won't Brining Bringing PJ Carlisimo Back as Coach

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Nets Won't Brining Bringing PJ Carlisimo Back as Coach

Mike Wilbon just broke the news on NBA Count Down,that the Brooklyn Nets won't be bringing PJ Carlisimo as coach next season...PJ took over after Avery Johnson was fired in December.....Carlisimo guided the Nets to a 35-19 record and the 4th Seed in the Playoffs......

The Nets performance last night has to be one of the worst Game 7 performances i've ever seen..The team came out with no energy,no passion and no sense of urgency....They appeared as this was a preseason game,not a Game 7......And i blame the coach for not having his team prepared..There was no excuse for losing to a depleted Bulls teams..

They were clearly out played ,out coached and out hustled..Can the Nets entice Phil Jackson to coach their team? This is a team with a top 5 point guard, a top 5 center and some nice assets.....

Nets waste no time, can Carlesimo

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Prokhorov isn't afraid to pay

Prokhorov isn't afraid to pay Phil Jackson

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I think Phil Jackson is done coaching, I think he really wants a Front Office position somewhere. I saw Jeff Van Gundy isn't that interested and the mutual interest isn't there.

I think some candidates can be:

Stan Van Gundy-I think SVG could be the big name that Prokhorov will want to bring in. Plus SVG is a hell of a coach. Would ne a great hire for Brooklyn.

Nate McMillan-I think McMillan would be a good hire. Thought he always did a good job in Portland. Coached D-Will with Team USA so there's some familiarity there.

Mike Budenholzer-Been the top assistant in San Antonio since 1997, how this guy hasn't gotten a chance yet blows my mind. Someone needs to give this guy a chance. Brooklyn is going to look for a high profile guy and I think Budenholzer would be a great choice

Brian Shaw-Been a popular choice in a lot of HC openings the last couple of years but for some reason hasn't been giving the chance to be a HC. Has done a great job with Paul George in Indiana, would like to see him work with Marshon Brooks. A discipline of Phil Jackson. Only a matter of time before he gets his shot.

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Yea, I think Phil's coaching

Yea, I think Phil's coaching hunger went out the door after LA didn't hire him.

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